Sunday, March 1, 2015


So are you completely and totally over this long cold winter? Coming from someone born and raised in the snow belt of Lake Erie in northeast Ohio I say loudly YES! 
Ok, I guess I’m cheating a just a little...I left that snow tundra almost 8 years ago to move here to southeastern North Carolina. So I am not experiencing it as badly as some, but I am definitely still ready for Spring! So, with spring came thoughts of flowers, greenery and gardens. And that made me think of my herb garden. I love herbs, especially Basil.
So I am thinking about an indoor Herb Garden. I have a huge window in my kitchen. Actually it’s three together that jut out from the breakfast area. (Technically, I don’t think it’s called a bay window?) Every time I have grown herbs in the past I have grown them there on the window sill. But for some reason I don’t like it. That particular window overlooks the back yard and pool and floods the house with light, so I’m not crazy about blocking it in any way.
So here is a link to a short little article about a few different herbs to get you started.  
And here are a few ideas I got from Pinterest and Google of different ideas I found.
I love them all. What do you think? Do you grow your own herbs and have some pretty displays?  I so love the scent of Basil growing in the house…how about you? Let’s get started on Spring!

Check out this one below that I find adorable....
*Most of these pictures were google images with no sources. If they belong to you please let me know and I will credit you.


  1. Very cool ideas indeed. I never grew them inside before. I have a garden May thru October that I grow many different herbs, but then I have to buy them a the store. Do u grow them inside year round ? I may try it this year. I love all the holders people grew them in in ur link above, especially the vintage type. Thanks of the ideas.

    1. Brenda,I grow them on my back deck throughout the summer. Then I bring them into the kitchen in the winter. Basil does great and smells wonderful each time you cut it. They actually will grow quite nice inside. This past winter was the only year I didn't have a Basil plant inside and I really missed it! I am getting ready to start them up.


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