Sunday, January 18, 2015


So here it is half way through the first month of 2015 and I am just now getting around to blogging again. I took some time off at the holidays and I really felt like I was in no big hurry to get back to it. As a matter of fact I am kind of forcing myself to write this because I still don’t feel like it. Lol…I have been feeling so lazy since the first of the year and I am totally unmotivated to get started on any new projects.
Well 2014 came and went and I think I got a lot done around here. Way back in the beginning of the year I updated my living room and then decided it needed tweaking even more and now looks more like this below. Not exactly, but close. You'll notice all the shelves are gone. 
I turned a useless little.junk closet into a useful second pantry. I did a chalkboard project or two. I painted several different rooms, doors, fireplaces and misc.objects. I tried my hand at free hand art work on a bedroom wall and it turned out great.
I put up shelves, took some down, rearranged and then rearranged again! And I did so many little miscellaneous projects over the year. And here’s one my favorite projects and I never even posted it till today. It is a “Welcome Board” made out of a pallet and is being used in our church CafĂ© at Global River. It was such fun to do and I enjoyed doing it for them. And this guy joined the family! 
Who now has grown to look more like this below...beautiful, but CRAZY!! 
Very crazy cat. His name is Max and we call him Mad Max
... and I kid you not, he is the craziest, meanest, snottiest, did I say craziest? cat I have EVER had. I'll have to tell ya about him sometime soon. I love him, but he is challenging.
So what’s up in 2015???? I have tons I want to do. Since I am fortunate enough that my family truly understands me…I received 2 wonderful gifts this Christmas that I truly wanted and needed; a Palm Sander and a Nail Gun. J lol…not quite the gifts most women would ask for, but I did. I also received the normal girly presents like perfume, a new robe and some jewelry, kitchenware, and other things, I thoroughly enjoyed getting my tools. I can’t wait to try my hand at Wainscoting. I have so many ideas! I have 5 big projects on my radar for this year. (Listen up Hubs, I may need a little help with some of these…J )

  1. Wainscoting in the Dining and Family rooms. I like this style best I think.
  2. Ripping up the carpet from the stairs and painting them.
  3. Finishing up the redo of my bedroom. In the works for over a year now. L
  4. And I can hardly bring myself to say this. Oh my gosh I hate the idea…but repainting my kitchen cabinets is in the cards. Yes, I already redid my kitchen cabinets just over a year ago ( a really big job) and no, they don’t “need” redone. So why? Well, I have ALWAYS wanted white kitchen cabinets. ALWAYS. And then last year I decided to try something different and paint them grey. I had seen it on Pinterest and really liked it. Well, I used Valspar Yachtsman. A grey with blue in it. Well in my kitchen? It’s blue. So do I like it? Yes I do. It actually turned out nice and the grey blue is quite pretty, don't you think?
    check out the whole post here.
    But I still walk in that kitchen on a regular basis and wonder what it would look like white and always wish that it was. So… much as I truly detest the idea of doing that job again, I also hate the idea of not having it look exactly as I want. While it is a MAJOR improvement over what it was and I like it a lot…I don’t love it. And as the main hubbub of the house, I really want to love it.
  5. Maybe the repainting of the back deck.
There are numerous other little projects to do also. I want to put up open shelving in the kitchen. Do a painting (because I can’t find what I want) for the living room, build a side table of sorts for the dining room, redo shelving in my family room and paint one of the upstairs bathrooms. 
And my mother in law gifted us with a little cash to buy a little something for the house and this picture is what we got. I love it. <3 font="">
This is it hanging in the family room. I plan to get around to this room this year too. 

All this while I focus more on the most important thing in my spiritual walk with the Lord. That is actually my biggest goal of 2015. To not only get closer to God but to find more ways to love others in His name. To serve Him more, by serving and helping others. For others to see Him through me.

Oh yeah…and of course to lose 20 pounds. L


  1. I thought I left a message ? But it isn't here ? Hahaha ? Guess I'll try again. Ur home is just gorgeous Ginger. U have done such a fabulous job. It shines with ur heart & soul of love. It sounds like u have a good plan for this new year. I had to chuckle when u said u received a palm sander & nail gun as gifts. I, too, have received these type of gifts many times over the years. Once on my birthday when one of my sons asked what I wanted, I told him paint brushes, all different sizes. He was reluctant to buy that as my gift, but I told him it is truly what I WANTED ! LOL We're in the process of building a closet in our computer room to hold all of our Christmas bins. It will sure beat having to carry them down out of the attic ever again ! ( getting to old for that ! ) It should be ready for me to paint soon. But then I will need to paint the whole room also. Not sure what I am going to tackle next ? At any rate, I wish u a fantastic new year. Gods blessing abundantly upon u <3 Love to u my friend

    1. Thanks Brenda! Those are such nice comments and truly appreciated. I know when I answer with some kind of tool or likewise when asked what I want for Christmas or my birthday...the reaction is, Cmon, what do you really want? It IS what I want! lol... A wonderful New Year to you and yours too filled with many blessings!


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