Friday, December 26, 2014

Post Christmas...ahhhh

So another Christmas has come and gone. Its the day after and I am exhausted. We have a huge family. I mean with all the kids and grand kids we have enough to support both teams of a backyard football game and still have some people left to cheer lead!
We have 7 kids and step kids..and then add in their spouses and kids and it gets crazy. So there is a lot of work, love, mess and chaos in any celebration in our house. Add to that 3 dogs and 2 cats and it is a house full of craziness. But that after all is the fun of it.
So the day after, when I am looking around at piles of wrapping paper, empty toy boxes, unopened and opened toys everywhere, late night sandwich makings, cups left out etc....the day I really need to get busy and clean up?I have no energy left. I am spent. :)
So today amidst all the mess I will clean up..... tomorrow. I thought I'd share a few pictures.
2014 is slowly slipping into 2015.

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