Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Social Media at its best...and it's worst.

Social media. I was talking about it on the phone today with a friend today. A friend I went to high school with but didn’t really know. But now I do. Yep, you got it-through social media. We have connected over social media and this blog. How cool is that? I love reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, keeping in touch with family and friends back home and just generally seeing what is going on in everyone’s lives.
I enjoy seeing all the wonderful videos, posts and statuses from around the world. It’s truly amazing. I share stories of my family. I share this blog, along with decorating likes and dislikes. I share a lot! It’s sometimes hard to imagine life before it all existed. I mean seriously, what was it like?
It sometimes seems as if those who aren’t on Facebook live in some sort of bubble. They don’t know what in the world you are talking about when you tell them about everything on your feed. Like, the video of the cat who rides around his kitchen on the Rumba, or the talking dog who can’t believe his owner gave the cat his food, or the little girl who sees her father home from the army while sitting in her classroom for the first time. Or what about…What does the Fox Say? How about the British lady with Poop pourri ads? I could go on and on. 

So, if you aren’t on Facebook then you must be living in a cave somewhere right? You must be out of touch! Right? Or maybe, just maybe, smarter than those of us who bought in to it? I really am not sure. I have a daughter who is NOT on Facebook or Twitter or anything else. She is clueless about the things we talk about or see on it. She just smiles and listens when we talk and goes about her business. The business of life with her husband and kids. Minus all the glory of Facebook. So I wonder…is she out of the loop? Or does she know something we don’t? I lean towards the latter.

Can you just get off Facebook and lead a normal life? That’s the better question. Once addicted….can you actually leave? Do we have free will with it? Is there any turning back? Can you just walk away and never check your feed again? Am I the only one wondering why everyone needs to update every minute of their day? Why some even go to the extreme of staging pictures to put up? To a certain degree, I am just kidding, but y’all can’t tell me you haven’t wondered the same thing.
Facebook is awesome for its purpose…but have we broadened that purpose to encompass too much? While the goodness of Facebook can not be denied, what about the negative? What about the constant barrage of political bullying from both sides of the isle. The need for everyone to tell you how to vote, feel, believe and act, how to speak and what you should and shouldn’t be eating. What about the personal drama, rudeness, intrusiveness, bashing and bullying of it? What about when I’m out with others and they are constantly checking in, posting and giving updates even when I am not?
We make light of it, but the truth is, it’s invaded our lives. Both, on our laptops and on our cells. We take it with us wherever we go. Imagine deleting it from your phone? How many times a day do you check it? Or check in?  Just a lingering thought that has invaded my mind as of late. The idea of a life without the social media of Facebook, Twitter and the like, truthfully intrigues me. I would miss so much with my friends and family. But I so could do without the rest.

Maybe the truth just lies in moderation. Maybe deleting it from my phone so it’s not there for constant updates is the answer. Maybe having to actually go to my laptop, open it and  log on to see updates is the answer. Who knows? Maybe Pinterest is the answer! Lol…And please know that I am NOT bashing Facebook. I use it a lot myself. A lot! I just wonder…maybe too much. Just another random thought…what are your thoughts? Could you walk away from social media? Do you think its become too intrusive in our lives? What is your opinion? Please share!


  1. Good questions! I am on social media like Facebook pretty regularly in connection with my blog, but almost never for 'personal' reasons. I think there is a lot of good in Facebook and other social media but it can definitely get to be too much. Especially now that everyone has it on their phone, it is just so available ALL the time. It is way too easy to pull out your phone and see what is going on whenever I am waiting in line or waiting for an appointment. I think moderation is definitely the key - the problem is having that kind of self control can be so hard!

    1. Hi Carrie! Thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate it. You are so right actually about the whole thing coming down to self control. Unfortunately sometimes I feel like I have about as much self control with Facebook on my phone, as I do with that chocolate chip cookie on the counter. And that's not much these days! your blog!


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