Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Frustrations and a Fun Girls Night Out!

Wheres the other daughter? Shooting!
So as I said in my previous post this has been a frustrating weekend. I spent all weekend trying to work on my blog’s “comments system”. It’s so frustrating to me that it was difficult to comment on my blog all this time unless you had Google account. I fix the problem but lose ALL my comments! Ugh…So again, to y’all that took the time to post a comment in the past, I thank you! And I am sad to have lost you. L And now after 2 years of blogging I am starting completely over with it! Dang.
And all week we were also having issues with our internet. It goes from slow to non existent. And we can’t figure out what’s wrong. We have an appt with our carrier to come out Thursday. 3 days with no internet??? Yikes! What will I do???
On a less complainy  note (Yes I said “complainy”) -I did something I have never done before last night. I went to Ladies Night at the shooting range here in town. I had so much fun! And talk about letting off some steam. J ...
We made a mother daughter night of it with dinner afterwards at the Olive Garden. I love that place! Soup and Salad and breadsticks. Although for the first time EVER –they were out of breadsticks! The OG? Out of bread sticks??? Really? What’s the point? Ok, enough of a rant.
But all in all, it was a really fun night. And please know, as much as everyone tries to make it one, this was NOT a political stand one way or the other about guns for me. It was just for fun with my girls and to learn gun safety.
I have had a fear of guns that comes from a very sad place that I will keep private, but let’s just say I needed to get over it. It happened almost 25 years ago and it was time to let it go. It was a safety/learning class where they taught us how to handle, load and shoot. And then we were taken to the shooting range and able to shoot with supervision. I am so glad that I did this! I went from sweaty palms, heart palpitations and anxiety about it to actually learning and feeling confident handling and shooting a gun. It may not be for everyone. But I loved it and I will certainly be going back.
The kitchen is smelling wonderful with Basil everywhere!
I also painted a few odds and ends in my kitchen. Lol…talk about “little” projects! But as I said, here in southeast North Carolina it has been raining every day for about 2 weeks. Seriously! I love rainy days but I am so over it. My back yard looks like a flood zone and the grass is gonna be a foot high before it dries enough to mow. And we haven’t used the pool in a week and a half. C’mon! This is August. And it leaves little room for any DIY projects out side.
 My Basil plants were going crazy though. They were starting to get a little stringy so I brought the big one in my house! I love the smell and even the look of the plants. J I wonder how it will do in the house?
So….Hey do a girl a favor…and leave me a comment please! I am so sad to have lost them all that I neeeeeeeeeedddddddd it!


(Apparently Mad Max likes the smell too and is giving some thought to his next move....)

This is my favorite Basil plant. It smells kinda like peppery sausage. It's a Tai Basil and it grew like crazy! I'm hoping it makes it indoors at the window.

Please show me some luv and leave a comment so I can see if this new system works. And  please feel free to let me know if it was hard to use or easy. I would really love some feedback!!!


  1. Keep blogging! I love the guns, the kitchen projects and even the basil. Mine does better in the house than outside. God bless all you put your hands to! Love, Helen!

    1. Thanks so much Helen. It was a lot of fun! And thank you for being the first to comment since losing all my previous one! I love getting feedback. I am hoping this system works although I am not seeing the "commentluv" link showing up so you can add your own latest blog link... hmmm

  2. You sure are a lady of many talents. Susan

    1. Thank you Susan! And thanks for visiting and showing some luv! Lol... Have you ever went shooting? It was my first time at a range!


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