Monday, July 21, 2014

Putzin around the

Me, my daughter and granddaughter
Oh my goodness what a busy couple of weeks it has been. But it is summertime and I am lovin' it.We celebrated Independence Day with a big outdoor pool party and barbecue and it turned out amazing with a great group of people, both family and friends, and a whole lot of food and fun! This week I just putzed around the palace. Y’all know putzin means doing a whole lot of nothing in particular and a little of everything in general. Just sorta cleanin' a little, movin' and rearranging, and all around just tweaking things here and there? And well, my palace? lol..I try to make it our home our own humble little castle.

We've gotten a lot of rain this past month. I mean a lot! As a matter of fact it’s raining here again today. I think we have gotten more rain here in southeast Carolina than I have ever seen in one summer since moving here. But we have definitely taken advantage of all the sunny days too! We enjoy the pool and fun days.

But I love rainy days. And I am lovin it today. I love it so much that even though the AC is on I also have the window next to my "blogging chair”open an inch so I can hear the thunderstorm. J

So…this week, let’s see. Within 2 weeks of throwing the Fourth of July party we planned and did it again and had a birthday/pool party for this little guy on the left and and all his friends and their family. He had a great turnout and lots of fun, food and swimming again.  It was of course a Minecraft theme. If you don’t know what that is ya better get with it! Lol…
the birthday boy 
We finished up a week of VBS (Vacation Bible School) and had a Friday night performance that was totally awesome. This little guy on the right, my Rudy finally got a haircut! And I just had to show a picture cuz he's just to dang cute!
Yay…he was so overdue. And our other gal Roxy, got her Rabies shot. She was not thrilled with her trip to the vets. Oh and every night these two just hang around the front porch. Funny thing is the guy in the back…Yellow cat. He isn't ours but apparently thinks he is. We don’t know who he belongs to. So we let him hang out and feed him. Last time we had a cat show up and “hang out” with us, he stayed for 10 years!

The birthday boy and I took a walk to the pond. We saw our first bunny rabbit in North Carolina in 7 yrs. Yes you heard me. I haven't seen a bunny darting through a yard in 7 years, since moving here. Are they just not as common as back home in Ohio? hmm.. We then saw tons of snapping turtles and a fish jumping. It was a nice pre-birthday walk for a big guy turning 8.
I re-arranged a few different vignettes throughout the house…

In all my decorating this seems to be the thing I have the most trouble with. It takes me redo after redo to get it right! I don’t know why.
I also decided to take down some shelves in my living room, lose the "vintagey cluttery" look a bit and clean it up. I like it much better. I realize I like a cleaner cottage look with less stuff. Now I am on the hunt for a piece of art work that I can actually commit to, to take the place of the black wrought iron star.

And I think my next little “project” may be my first attempt at striping a wall. I think I am gonna do my entrance wall. I just have to pin down the colors I want. Subtle or bold? Hmmm…. Not sure yet. My daughter want's me to help her paint stripes on her bathroom wall and since I have always wanted to do it myself I thought I'd practice on my wall first. She want's this...

I'm really diggin on the whole strip thing and I think it'll look good and make a nice first impression in my entrance way. What do ya think? Are you liking the whole striped wall phase???? 

Okay, admittedly this little picture of sweetness to the right has nothing to do with this blog at all today, other than she is one of the many "littles" in this overgrown family of ours. But c'mon, look at that face! She's just to dang cute not to give her some lovin' on here too. I mean right


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