Wednesday, July 9, 2014


So instead of writing about DIY projects or decor in the home, I thought I would just write a bit about the outside of my home today. The gardens. One of my favorite things about my home is the greenery around it. I love planting flowers, gardening and working in the outdoors. Living here in North Carolina there is just so much beauty and it lasts so long since winters don't really exist here as they do in the north. At least not the freezing low temps and mounds of snow I was use to in Ohio.
Take a look at this gem in my front yard. My gorgeous blue Hydrangea.... and then of course the beauty of my Knock Out Rose bush.
Knock Out Rose
 This is an amazing rose bush. It blooms so much that I can constantly cut fresh roses for the house though out the summer and still have a beautiful blooming bush up front. And then there are all my lovely Basil plants. I just love the scent of Basil all around the house. They say it keeps away flies. (It doesn't) but the smell is just one of my all time favorites along with my favorite viney plant Vinca Vine. 
Vinca Vine

Thai Basil  (This smells like peppery sausage! )

Spicy and Sweet Basil

Spicy Global Basil

And then one of my favorite plants that I can't for the life of me remember the name of. 
Elephant plant? Elephant ear? I don't know...but it's huge and I like it. I do have to bring it inside in the winter season because occasionally we do get some freezing temps.
Elephant Leaf????

Then there are my little container pepper and tomato plants.

And then there is my all time favorite plant in my whole yard. My Banana Plant!!!! This thing has gone through so many changes and trauma in the couple years that I have had it. First off, I planted it in the wrong area. I didn't realize how big it would get so I probably shouldn't have planted it right at the front stairs. And I found out afterwards Banana plants should be planted in threes. They need to be protected from heavy winds and do better in groups.Then last year we had our house power washed. (That was a major story of frustration in itself). He used a bleach mixture and completely soaked my plant in bleach and when I freaked, he claimed it was fine. It wasn't. It turned yellow and died. Or so I thought... it came back! YAY!!! Through all the mistakes I made with this plant it grows beautifully!!! I can't tell ya how much I love my Banana Plant. :)

 And I can't even explain my love for my palm trees in the yard. This one here in the front next to the Banana is a Windmill and then I have 2 beautiful Pinto Palms in the back yard. One like this, that is about 15-20 feet tall and one about 5 ft. next to the pool still in the huge planter. 

And then after all my gardening I can just jump in here and refresh!


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