Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Now I'm not trying to tell y'all how to clean or anything like that, I am just sharing how I do the whole "nooks and crannies" thing at my house. I found a good way and it works well for me so I thought I'd share.
Every 3 or 4 months I have what I call a "nooks and crannies" day. It's a day that I grab a bucket filled with lilac smelling pinesol, Windex, paper towels and a clean rag.

I start at my front door (my house circles around) and begin with the entry and go to the right to the LR, dining room, kitchen around to the family room and back to the entry and the guest powder room and stairs. And I clean all the nooks and crannies along the way. I look at all the corners, light switches, plugs, window sills, baseboard etc and start wiping down.
All the trim in my house is done in white. I purposely painted all the trim in my house same semi gloss white so I can touch it up easily (that's part of my every 6 month cleaning day) and it washes easily. So I start. Wiping down, and wiping and wiping and wiping.... It takes me several hours to get through this, and that's just the downstairs. Even longer when I get sidetracked cleaning something else I come across -but its definitely worth it. And when I say several, I mean several. I spent all day yesterday. I cleaned all my baseboard, all the chair rail, window sills, light switches, washed down the doors, kitchen cabinets, and all the corners.
But once I am done the house smells so fresh and looks so clean. Honestly this is something everyone should do every couple months. It is so worth it, it really is. No one will ever come into your house and notice how clean your baseboards are or how clean the corner on your walls are or anything like that. But if they are dirty... believe me, people will notice.
My day was yesterday! I sprayed the baseboard in about 6 foot increments with the Windex and then take the wet rag and swipe along and keep going. No scrubbing to it at all. It really moves along fast and at least for me, I have found that Windex works the best. I scoot along the floor so I don't have to keep getting up and down (that's hard on the back). I hit any chair or table legs I come across too. I can literally get through a room in minutes and the baseboard looks amazing. (And they were really bad this time- don't judge!) and then I stand and go to the chair rail, light switches and anything at eye level including picture frames. I move very quickly because most of this isn't about dirt, it's about the accumulation of dust so it wipes easily. When I am done with the room I start looking for the "doggie" corners. I have 3 dogs that when traveling through the house they round the doorways and corners and brush against them and leave behind dirt. So I give a quick spray of the Windex and with the wet rag hit those too, and they're gone in seconds. Not to mention all the little fingerprints along the doorways.

This really sounds pretty time consuming but like I said it's a couple hours every couple months and it makes a HUGE difference. I do some of it, like corners on a regular weekly basis. ( 3 dogs doesn't really allow me to go months with that one) but baseboards done quarterly works. Yesterday I got sidetracked on several things though. One was my dining room Chandelier. It needed a thorough cleaning and that took some time. But it sure looked great when it was done! Then I also decided to wipe down all my kitchen cabinets. They were just painted about 6 months ago so I am trying to keep up on them because they look beautiful and I want to keep them that way.  
But they have a lot of nooks and

So that's how I spent my day...what about you?

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