Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Well I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was special! Mine sure was. Mostly because, as I said before, it is also my anniversary. And my wonderful hubby and I spent it in the beautiful city of Charleston SC! We had a lovely time. I got to visit with my son who recently moved there, visit the downtown the City Market and I brought back a wonderful souvenir for my kitchen that I absolutely fell in love with. Thanks to following Miss Mustard Seed! lol..... I will post about that later!
But for now.... 

Very "oaky" and just not my style. I bought this about 10 years ago from Home Depot or Lowes. 
Here is an update on my living room. I feel like I finally accomplished something today with getting the fireplace started. It reached a gorgeous sunny 75* today here in North Carolina so I was able to drag it out of the garage and paint it. It's sitting outside drying now and tomorrow I will put the third and hopefully last coat of paint on it. I don't want to see the grain at all so it might even take a fourth coat. ugghh...
I am really happy with how this is beginning to look. It will be a fresh clean white. 

See the wood grain? I really don't want that look. 

As I said before, my plan is to totally revamp the look of the room, and I mean totally -for under $500! That includes my new love seat and new rug. Both of which have finally arrived. The new rug is so much different than the one I recently had to return. (The threads were looping into giant loops all over it within days- you can read about that here.) Fortunately, Overstock has a wonderful return policy and with the help I got online from Austin I was able to return it effortlessly. I love buying from them because I know if anything goes wrong they will stand by there products. This rug is not as beautiful as the first, (which was gorgeous!!! and I loved it! Nor was it as soft and pliable but I think this one will hold up better. So this is what we are working with....
And again, here is the little loveseat.

Not really my style but I didn't want to invest big bucks into a little seat in a room that doesn't get used as much as the family room. So yes, I settled on this one.
And here is the fireplace I drug out of the garage and painted. It has been primed with 2 coats of white paint and needs a definite third coat. It looks grey (which I actually kind of like in the pics) but it is white.
So I have a ton of work to do in the room yet because little does my assistant hubby know...I want to put up chair rail and will need his help. :)
I will keep you updated!!! I will try to show you the finished painted product tomorrow or the next day and also get on that post about Charleston and my little souvenir!  

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