Tuesday, January 28, 2014


VERY subtle colors on it...maybe too subtle for my tastes.
So the painting of the coffee table went a little off course. I planned this and then planned that and then back again...I ended up painting the bottom white and the top grey and went for a checkerboard on the top of that. I failed. Major fail. But...
I'm alright with it. Go with the flow. Because the checkerboard ended up more of a plaid. lol...but oh well. .
I wanted it to be very low key. Not a bold checker and not a lot of contrast, very subtle. That part turned out right. The colors are both grey and the checks are very pale, just like I intended. The pictures aren't very clear and I don't know why I can't get them to show the detail...
But, as I said, it turned out "ok". I don't love it and I don't hate it so it's gonna stay for a while. :) Anyway... 

Looking at it now, yes I can see how I messed up. lol...

I am thinking though that I might "antique" it, just the white. I'm not really sure yet. Either that or poly or wax it to give it a finished look. Funny thing is, it's not even my style! lol...Whatcha think?

The colors are very similar and both are greys even though it looks different here. (Notice my beautiful Jute rug in the background ready to be returned? :(

So this is what I did. Wrong as it was .... I painted the top 1 grey and then taped it off like this.
And if i'm gonna be honest, this was extremely poorly planned. I ran out of tape and I had to use little strips and piece them in like this..

That's because I do things on impulse and don't think things through. Then I painted the second color over the tape. Waited about 10 minutes and took the tape off. Never let paint dry completely when taking the tape off because the paint may come up with the tape. 

So.... like I said, not what I intended. I was actually gonna paint the top a citron yellow/olive green checkerboard. Which I think I would have liked A LOT more - but it'll work for now. If I decide to wax or antique it I will give you another update. And again...

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