Monday, January 27, 2014


So the first coat is on the coffee table...and I'm kinda diggin the white. But I'm not sure if I want to keep it white? Or maybe, two tone it with possibly a dark top? Or do the whole thing colored....

See the nick on the right side?
 I'm very unsure yet. But I am not really a patient kind of person to sit around and look at something and give it time and decide. (That would make too much sense)  No, I am the kind of person who just starts painting and then thinks about it. Not always a good idea. :) But I had to get started and get a first coat on it. It's in the 60's today and the weather is suppose to turn on us here in Southeast North Carolina and they are calling for snow. lol...I hope so, I've only seen it once in the last 7 years and I wanna play in it! Anyway, back on track......I am not big on really distressed items. I like them "slightly" distressed. That way you can see a little wear and tear but it doesn't look like you destroyed the thing. And because I can be anal about some things, (me?!) I don't notice every little nick from the hubby or kids, grands, or dogs..You can see a chip on the side of the table so I will distress that area and glaze it. But colored or white? Geez...well, stay tuned. I truly welcome your feedback PLEASE leave your comments about it! Here is the first post I did with before pictures and my original thoughts about it.

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