Monday, December 9, 2013

Painted Interior Doors

So I was over checking out the most recent post of Kristi's, a fellow blogger that I follow. And can I just say that I just love her blog? (link below)
She is such an inspiration both in decorating and blogging itself! I am absorbing all the learning experience I can from her! But anyway.....she had a post about painting interior doors and was asking what others thought of it. I commented on it because I did just that. -I painted all my interior doors on the first level of my house about 2 months ago. And I LOVE them!
Kitchen "trash" door
I have always just had plain old white doors and never really thought much about it. But this time around I did. I first painted my front door (the exterior door) a beautiful turquoise and fell in love with it. You can see that beautiful door here. Then I painted all the rest of the doors inside the same color. Big mistake. What was beautiful in a small dose for the outside door, was way too much inside. So I repainted them a beautiful soft greyish blue called Yachtsman by Valspar. Check it you like??? This color gives the whole downstairs a cohesive flow since I have used various greys, blacks, whites and yellows downstairs. 
Downstairs Powder Room door

view from standing in the kitchen to the hallway

So check out the link here if you'd like to see the original post that I was referring to of one of the blogs I follow! 

Heres a few more pics of the downstairs doors...
Pantry door with chalkboard

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