Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to Make A Simple 5 minute Christmas Wreath!

This was the easiest wreath in the world to make! It literally took me 5 minutes. I was going through my decorations and I had a strand of wimpy garland left over and nowhere to use it. I said to the hubs...I wish I had one of those wire wreaths I could wrap this on. Light bulb idea!!! And before he could answer me I said, "Oh my gosh! A hanger!" Yep. Grab a hanger, shape it out, wrap the garland around it.
   Add a few little ornaments or wreath decorations, (I used bells) and......... Voila! Done deal and I love it! Seriously, c'mon...could a Christmas decoration be any easier? And it looks even better in person. Its green and gold glittery garland so it shimmers. And I love it on the door. Pretty proud of myself with this one. :)

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