Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What kind of Blogger am I ?????????

I read somewhere that when you chose to blog you have to choose one topic and stick to it. You can not blog about a bunch of different things. (like DIYs, recipes, decorating, faith, family or egads! -opinions!) oops! haha...I guess I've blown that...
I wanna talk about everything! And anything I want. I LOVE decorating so I talk about that a lot. I love little DIY projects too, so, you'll find blogs about that....and oh boy do I LOVE my God, so my faith is something I will definitely talk about. Oh and then there's my family, and trying out new recipes and uh.... So I blog about that. hmmmmm.....what else???

And I also hear that I should not give my opinions or be controversial. Keep things upbeat, impartial -make nice! Otherwise I might lose my followers (what followers?) or offend someone.

Well I have all kinds of interests and want to write about everything that interest me. So that's what I am gonna do. And I am definitely NOT trying to make anyone mad or offend anyone. I swear! But I do have diverse interests and I just can't make this blog about just one thing. It would drive me nuts. And if you knew me, you'd know I'm already halfway there. lol...And I can't help but give my opinion once in a while so........... again, please know I never intend to hurt, insult or make anyone mad!!!

But I gotta be me!I

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