Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here we go again...BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So..............I'm just going to say it. BLACK FRIDAY. If you don't want to shop on Black Friday, don't. But I don't get all the negative posts on all the social medias and judging and mocking of others about it. Now don't get me wrong I am NOT talking about Thursday. -That's different. Thursday is Thanksgiving and family time and I too hate to see it commercialized and I won't be a part of any shopping on Thanksgiving Day..

But Friday? C'mon it is NOT a holiday. It's just another day. It has nothing to do with family or holidays. It is no different than shopping on Dec 13th or January 23 or any other day. Now don't think I am taking offense because I take it personal. I don't...
I myself have only gone once in my life. I got a great deal on a TV and came home. I saw no fighting or crazy behavior or anything. Actually it was pretty boring. I just went to accompany my daughter who does loves to shop!
And I may go with my daughter again this year, I may not, I haven't decided yet. But my thought is this. If you are financially secure and don't need to shop for sales, or try to get a good deal that's great for you. Then don't go. Or if you just hate to shop, don't want to get up early or even think it's dumb, that's okay! Don't go. But why begrudge others who may really need to take advantage of this great sale day? It makes no sense to me to make a big deal about what others do if it doesn't effect, hurt or have anything to do with you. I just don't get it.

I am fortunate and have been so blessed in my life that I can take Black Friday or not. I really don't care one way or the other. I don't like crowds and I really HATE shopping, so my first instinct is to stay away. But I love spending time with my daughter and she loves it. So if I do decide to go it'll be with her.

But some people are not so fortunate. It's a struggling economy we live in. Tough times for all. Parents want to be able to do for their children. I remember years ago, being a single mom with Christmas coming and hoping for a bonus at work so I could do more for the kids. And what about the mom who gets great deals on toys on Black Friday for the kids? Or the struggling family who could maybe get a flat screen for 100 bucks that they couldn't normally afford? Or maybe they get great deals on clothes for their kids? Who cares why they go or if they go?

Yes I am venting.... but I just keep seeing so many really mean comments online about how greedy Americans are for shopping on Black Friday and I really don't get the meanness. Are there crazy people out there that fight and climb all over you for a deal? Probably. I haven't run into them but I imagine so. But don't you think they would act like that on any given day? I think we all have to let people do as they choose. If it's not hurting you why should anyone care who shops on Black Friday?

My daughter gets upset and doesn't understand the judgment either. Her words to me were...."I'm so sick of hearing and seeing people make the comment  'oh only people in America are grateful one day then running people over for sales the next day' To suggest because I shop for great deals on black Friday that, ( like you said I would NEVER normally be able to afford) makes me ungrateful?? That's absurd..the people that go out literally fighting for deals, will do that on any day, not just Black Friday...I hate the assumption that because you shop on this day it makes you greedy or ungrateful! I'm not one of those people - not on Black Friday or any other day!!
And I can vouch for that. For her and for me. So maybe I will go this year. hmmmm.
So I just felt like venting about this today. :)

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