Tuesday, November 5, 2013

By the Sea...by the sea.

North End Pier

Every time I go down to the ocean, God shows up! I live about 1 mile from the ocean. ( although I have to drive 5 miles to get access!). That's one of the reasons we moved from cold Northeast Ohio here to the beautiful ocean side city of Wilmington, North Carolina. We love it here! We've been here now just over 6 years. You can read about that journey here.
But back to the ocean. It is simply inspiring. I go there and I am truly amazed how blessed I am to live here. Every time. The city of Wilmington is surrounded by water and I am a water person. I don't mean for swimming or surfing. I mean it quiets my spirit. It is peaceful to me. And it reminds me
of the beauty of God all the time. The beauty and magnificence of it all. I just don't understand Atheism. I mean intellectually yes, I understand it. But in reality...I simply can't understand it. I don't "get" it. This world holds to much beauty and intricate perfections to not believe there is a greater plan. A designer. An architect of it all. A GOD! Yes there is ugliness too. But I choose to focus on the beauty. And most of the ugliness I see is brought to us by man, not God.
I stand on the pier and I see dolphins at play. Sharks swimming by. Sunsets and sunrises. High and low tides that serve purposes. Pelicans that swoop and get there dinner. And laughter by those that are enjoying it all or fishing on the pier. No God? Really. All this is accidental? I think not. It takes more faith for me to believe that than to believe in a Supreme God. Just my thoughts for today....  :)

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