Thursday, October 24, 2013

Misleading online pictures... accurate are pictures online? Not very! lol...
I am still tweeking my new kitchen redo. Adding some grey and yellow accessories. So I ordered a rug online from  (I love that site!). But as with anything online it appears different on your screen than in person. The picture online of the rug could only be enlarged so much, so it didn't show the detail of it. Overstock has a great return policy and they make it very simple so I can return it if I chose to. What I have come to learn is read the reviews!!! If you take the time to read several of the reviews you will find that most people will comment on the color or design enough so that you can gather from what the true look of the product is.
So here's what I saw online and ordered.... (pic to the left)

and then here's a close up of what it actually looks like....

Look at all that detail. Which in most cases in great. But I kinda liked the "muted" grey look of it online. I thought it was more of a grey checker board but its VERY defined and has a somewhat charcoal grey color to it. And each square has lots of detail in it. 
Here's another view..

Alas, even my picture is a great example of how "off" colors can look. My cabinets look white here when in fact they are a much darker blueish blue grey. You can see them here.  Definitely not white. So just a lesson learned. But I like the rug regardless and I think it's staying. Because actually the rug I liked (the one in the first  picture) doesn't really exist as it looks in the picture so.... :)

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