Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yesterday I went to get my hair done at a salon in town. I normally don't go to this salon because its very upscale and very overpriced. But my husband had bought me a gift certificate there last year so I went to use it. As I sat down in the chair and began friendly conversation with the stylist I had never met, we made small talk. Throughout the conversation from different things she said I realized she was a Christian. She didn't announce it, she simply made small talk about her life. (no we Christians don't have a secret handshake) I didn't say a whole lot, I just listened. In doing so there were so many hints and veiled references to her faith that I just knew she was. I was at the salon for almost 3 hours. (Apparently I needed a lot of work!)...
 We ended up talking a lot. I learned a lot about her faith and I shared some of mine too. During this conversation, we kept our voices down. The stylist right next to us was able to hear but not the others. He then came over at one point and said that he indeed did overhear a little of what we said. He was also a Christian. He talked for a moment or two and then went back to his own station.

So why do I tell you this? The obvious? That you can find Christ anywhere. No. That doesn't surprise me. The reason this whole day came to mind today to write about it is the fact that we spoke in hushed tones. This is 2011 and America. And we spoke in hushed tones. Not whispering but not talking in the normal tones we might if talking about, oh I don't know- the latest movie we saw. Why is that? Why is it that she can feel free to talk to me about the economy, Grey's Anatomy, kids, husbands, jobs etc. but not about Christ. Why is that she feels her boss would have an issue with that. (she told me that she would) Why does she get the eyes rolling, the "oh geez", the dismissive hand wave, if she talks about her faith on the job? Why is it that in 2011 most people can not talk openly at their jobs about their faith without fear of repercussions? I am NOT talking about shoving it down peoples throats or pushing your beliefs on another, but just casual talk. For the most part, people can't or don't because they fear ridicule, reprimands, or just to be shunned as the "Jesus Freak". I still find it amazing that you can talk about almost anything else but once your faith comes up, there is an awkward silence if one is not a Christian. Now don't get me wrong I understand persecution. I understand the enemy wants to undermine and oppress Christians. I understand spiritual warfare. I am simply still amazed that our society is accepting of every kind of new age faith, witchcraft, astrology, atheism....just about anything BUT Christianity!

The other point I wanted to make is that no matter what the enemy does, he can not close the door on Christ. She didn't have to speak to me directly about Christ, she let her life speak. And we all can do that. When the opportunity comes up. When a door is opened or a question is asked-If we allow Holy Spirit to grow within us and guide us on a regular basis...maybe our words can slip in that open door. Or better yet, our life will speak for Him.

Lord--- Forgive me for all the times I have not spoken up, forgive me for the times I have allowed my life to speak, but in a negative way. Forgive me Father for not being a voice for you when I could have. Continue to mold me and shape me into your image. Help me to love others as you do. To see others as you see them. Help me to be more bold in my faith. To approach others in love and not in judgment. To open my heart and be more loving to those who don't want to hear about you. To be kind. More loving. Respectful. Help me to be Your servant and do Your, will not mine. Help be Lord to never speak in hushed tones when it comes to you. In Jesus, name.

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