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About ME :)

 Well lets see.... - I am a child of God, bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus. Jesus Rocks. I hope you know Him. Cuz he truly is amazing! If not and you want to send me an email and I will be happy to share. I am spiritual but I am NOT religious. I do not live by a book of rules. I live by the Spirit.

I love to write, read, decorate and re-decorate my home and then do it all over again! I love to laugh, I can't say that I love to cook but I am starting to enjoy cooking more these days and experimenting with it. I paint a lot! I enjoy hanging out with my grand babies and kids, I like to fish, take a walk and have coffee on the old northend pier, and blog.

I live by the sea in a beautiful port city in North Carolina with my husband Larry, who I married in 2004. He is my best friend. I am the mom/stepmom of 7 kids. I have 11 grand babies. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats and lots of wonderful family and friends close by...

Six years ago we picked up our life in Geneva, Ohio and moved more than 700 miles away from my home town I had lived in all my life to North Carolina. I love it! I love the ocean (we live a mile from it) and I love the weather. And I love the city here. Its amazing. Lots to do.

I started blogging because I just had so much I wanted to say. So many thoughts and opinions. lol...It didn't really matter to me if anyone read it or not. But I hoped you would because I truly enjoy it. And please give feedback! I love hearing from everyone! I like hearing your opinions on my DIY's and on my thoughts. I hope you will continue to stop by and check out my pages!!!

Peace to all!

And my family. What is Family? It's the people God has given you in your life to love and be loved by. I have a wonderful family. I have a great husband named Larry. He is my best friend.
We have a blended family of 7 kids. And we have 11 grandbabies at this writing. We also have step children, our children's spouses, and a few kids (friend of our kids) who just happened into our lives and have stayed. :) So we have a large family. This is some of them.
The Beautiful Family 2013
We also both have sisters, brothers, moms, and dads.(My dad has passed) who we love very much even though we don't see some of them often. I won't post their pics without permission. lol... And then we have our church family too. Global River or GRiv family. People we love and who love us. :)  They are people we can count on.
We also have our 4 legged babies. Rudy, our 8 year old Yorkie Poo,
China, our 11 year old big ol fat shepherd/collie/boxer mix?
and Roxy,
our newest addition, a pit bull mix. She will be 1 year old in October 2013. They are all rescues. Our beloved shepherd Maggie passed this past winter after 10 years. She was the prettiest, gentlest best dog ever!!! :(   I still miss her so much! I feel like she gave us Roxy though. Shortly after her passing I said yes to fostering Roxy. (I foster from time to time). Roxy was just a little pup and she got sick with parvo and almost died. I did NOT intend to keep her since it was to soon after Maggie's passing but she won our hearts after surviving Parvo and she was so sweet, so.....she is part of the family now. Yes she is part Pitbull. Yes I trust her. She is the biggest sweetest baby in the world and I would never have a dog I couldn't trust with 11 grandbabies. Don't believe ALL the negative media about them.
and then we had two cats, Coco on the left is still with us and our other cat Stuby also passed this past year after 10 years with us. Just weeks after Maggie....
So we have a houseful. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Family, again is all of those God has given you to love and all those who love you. If you have all this, you have it all. Oh then on top of all that - After growing up, graduating, and living most of my life in the cold Northeast, Larry got a job offer here in North Carolina. So we sold the house, talked the grown kids into moving too and started a new life in the South. All the kids are close by and I get to live here....

and wake up and have my coffee here every morning...
Now mind you, this is NOT meant to be bragging. This is GRATEFULNESS! I am truly amazed sometimes at how blessed I am. I really do appreciate everything that I have. Truly. I am a woman who knows that I am loved and blessed by God. Not because of anything I have done to deserve it...but in spite of the things I have done to not. So this is a little about me and my family, my pets, my home and my neighborhood. Thanks for reading. :)

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