We moved to North Carolina and bought a 4 bedroom, 2 story home. Its in an area of the city called Monkey Junction. Our town is broke up into sections, I guess you'd call them...

 Wrightsville Beach,

 Carolina Beach (the Island)

The city is kinda like a pennisula. With the ocean on one side and the river on the other. We live 5 miles from the bridge to the island. Its beautiful. There is so much to do in this town. Literally, all the time there is something going on in one of the areas. And if ya can't find something to do, there's always the beach. We really liked the Monkey Junction area. And I personally liked the name. lol...
According to Wikipedia, This is how it got the name..
The intersection has been known as "Monkey Junction" for almost seventy years thanks to a gas station that was located there from the late 1930s through the mid-1940s. The station, run by Dina and Jack Spindle, kept live monkeys in order to attract customers from a bus that passed by on the way to and from Carolina Beach, which lies several miles south of the junction.[2] The bus driver would stop near the station and announce "Monkey Junction". Soldiers stationed at nearby Fort Fisher were also regular customers who enjoyed being entertained by the monkeys.
Non-natives can be readily identified when they refer to the locale as it appears on maps "Myrtle Grove Junction", a reference to the local residential neighborhood nearby. :)
So this is my neighborhood...


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