Sunday, April 12, 2015


I have been miserable all week with allergies. Did I mention I was miserable? Yes, miserable! I can not breathe through my nose. I mean literally, I can't breathe unless my mouth is open. And I am so tired.....sooooooooooooo tired. And yet when I try to lie down and sleep, not being able to breathe through my nose? Well, sleeping doesn't come easy. Pollen has never bothered me like this before. A little, but not like this. I want to scream!!!
This room is still a work in progress...
So after 2 days of doing nothing but sitting around the house blowing my nose and watching TV, I thought I'd do a little craft. I have wanted a live wreath above my fireplace where I had put the old window I got. I just like live wreaths made of greenery, in the spring and summer. I had this little birds nest wreath laying around the house so I figured I'd use it. I have a much larger one that I plan to use later for the front door. So, I went outside and cut some greenery and played around with it and voila'...5 minutes later, fresh greenery. As long as I spritz it with water every couple of days it should last for quite a while.

What do you think? Cute? yeah, I think so...for free! Any time I can just play around with something I have for free and give it a new life...that makes me smile.


  1. that looks so nice Ginger. Good job ! It brings a nice splash of color to ur widow. I love the shades of green colors of fresh plants. I sure hope making this craft made u feel a little better !! Saying prayers for ya !

    1. Thanks Brenda. It made me feel better for about the 5 minutes it took to make. Lol...
      I think a doctors appointment is in order if I'm not feeling better tomorrow. /:(


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