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This room is perfect! I'm in love with this room and
I wish I could find the source! I want to see more. 
I'm you ever walk into someones house and even though it may be beautiful, think of what you might do differently? In your mind, do you think of how you might rearrange it? Think of what you would do different? Paint a lighter shade? Adjust the furniture arrangement? Add this or take this out? Imagine your style instead? Want to straighten a picture? Or is it just me??? Lol…Because yes, I am that person. But don’t worry, I don’t follow through. I don’t say anything nor do I adjust anything. I won't actually move any of  your furniture….I just think about it. 

Which brings to mind some of my Pet Peeves of decorating. So, not that you asked but I thought I'd share some of my top ones with you all. 
Oh and please, don't get me wrong, I am not in any way insinuating that I am any kind of expert by any means. This is simply my opinion and mine is no better than yours… I love decorating so I probably pay attention to details some might not. So please....I mean no offense!

                                                   Top 5 Decorating Pet Peeves

Too high
  1. Pictures/Artwork that is hung to high. The one thing I notice is that many people hang them way to high. I think that is something that has gone on for decades and people are just use to it. But I have seen some art hung withing inches of the ceiling! From everything that I have read or learned, art or pictures should be hung at 57” "on center". Which means, the center of the picture should hit at 57” from the floor. Why?  Apparently this represents the average humans "eye height" and is what is used in art galleries. While I don’t necessarily bother with the literal measurement I definitely do go by my eye level. 
    The picture is way to high and the wrong scale

  2. Furniture shoved flat up against the wall instead of arranged conversationally. Why in the world do people shove the couches/chairs against opposite walls when they have a large room? You have to almost stretch for the coffee table, and shout to the other person. You sometimes see all the furniture shoved on opposite walls and a gaping space in the middle. That might be a slight exaggeration but still…or how about all the furniture on one wall facing the TV. Why??? I mean it looks so unbalanced and awkward.  
Furniture placed way to far from each other. You'll need to yell to one another!

Go from the arrangement above to the great furniture placement below...

This placement is inviting and suggest conversation.

3.Toilet covers and carpeted baths. Do I really have to say more or explain these?

4. Cluttered refrigerators. I see so many people that have beautiful kitchens but a refrigerator with junk all over it that it distracting. Now I'm not talking about a picture or drawing or 2, I'm talking tons!! I know we love our children and want to show off their work alternative might be to put up a command center in your kitchen, or hang all that beautiful artwork of your kids in frames, but not just thrown all over the fridge. It doesn't even really showcase it very well. 

Go from this...

to this...

or this one I love!!!
I just love the children's artwork in magnetic frames.

5. Lighting. Way too much or not enough. Overhead lighting can be a bit harsh in the living space. I think overhead is more for kitchen and bathrooms. I hate cooking in dim lighting. That's where we need the bright lighting. But in the living space we should have more options. There should be ample lighting in all rooms. Lots of lamps at different levels and locations so you can adjust however you like. Besides lighting is one of the most beautiful and fun decorating parts of making a room all it can be. :)

So there ya have it...I could throw in a few other peeves, like keeping something you hate just because you paid "good" money for it, way too many pillows, refusing to change anything even as the styles change, etc etc... 
But this is just one person's opinion that doesn't really count for much.... and it's all in fun. You can pick apart my house if you would like. I'm good with that. So, hopefully none of you are mad at me! And even if you are guilty of any of these....I won't come into your house and try to change it! I promise.
Everyone's homes ultimately your home has to be a place you love. Your home should be warm, inviting, filled with memories and things you love. It should be a place that gives you joy and peace. I like the term "feng shui" but honestly, I don't really know much about it's true meaning. I know it's an ancient belief to arrange it in a way that is balanced and contains the energy or something like that. To me it just means my space should flow easily, yes be balanced and give me a sense of warmth, peace and tranquility. So c'mon, what are your pet peeves? I know ya have them.....share!

*all pictures taken from google, pinterest or any other site are credited IF there was a credit to be shown. Sorry if I missed it. Please let me know and I will include it.

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