Saturday, February 7, 2015


Hey there! So what are you doing this weekend? Well, let me tell ya about mine so far, because I really am just so happy with my Saturday project. The hubby and I spent this weekend working on a project I have been obsessed with lately. Obsessed! Industrial pipe shelving! I am just so in love with this. Although I realize I am probably a bit late to the party on this one, none the less I am hooked. I really wanted to be sure about this so I waited and waited…continually searching and looking at every Pinterest post I could find. I didn't want to do this unless I was sure, since it’s pretty damaging to the wall and not something you take down after a month or two. So once I knew I was sure, this weekend was the time....

I had a few things on my mind this week that I didn't want to focus on so I was looking for a project to take my mind off it. And this was it! Have I mentioned I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project? I mean I really think this is probably my most favorite project I have done in a long time. Maybe EVER…haha is that a bit dramatic?  Take a look! 
This project isn't exactly hard, but it is definitely time consuming and certainly needs your patience. (And a willing husband or partner helps).
We bought all our part at Lowes. The shelves were bought from their lumber section. We bought a 2 by 10 by 16 ft. length of wood and had it cut down to five 38 in shelves. The lumber for the shelves was only $14.52. Then we went over to the plumbing section and bought the lengths of black piping we needed, along with the elbows and flanges. We bought ¾ in pipe. That was the costly part. I haven’t added it all up yet but I would guess about $200. But considering for me it added tons of storage, it was well worth it. The piping is cheaper if you buy a 10 ft section and have it cut by them. The board we bought was actually only 9 ft in depth even though it says 10. But actually the 9 ft depth is what I really wanted. I left all the cutting and calculations up to my husband. I just knew I wanted 5 shelves with 1 shelf being 18 inches high and the others 12 inches high.
Believe it or not,
 these were the most pricey parts...the flanges.
About $5.50 a piece and we needed 12.
Once we got it all home I began the tedious part of peeling the pricing off each piece of pipe. Seriously, they put stickers with tape around each 10 inch section of pipe! What a pain.. And the hubby began his tedious job of measuring every thing out, setting up and drilling and measuring. We had a few trial and errors but the whole project (actually building it and installing) took about 3.5 to 4 hours.
Since I am not really good at step by step tutorials I will tell you that I just went on Pinterest and searched “industrial pipe shelves” and found zillions! I didn't really use a particular tutorial myself. I just looked at all of them, found what I wanted and showed my husband. We figured it out as we went. I will say this…put it together first on the floor how you want it and then lift to the wall and drill in place. And use screws with anchors in your drywall because it is heavy. But it is extremely sturdy.

I love the added storage these added and the look too!
I still have to stain the shelves a darker color but I couldn't wait to try them out. I decided to wait till we get a few warmer days in a row to stain them because I really want to do it outside due to the fumes. I’ll just take the stuff off then and do them. I’m also still arranging and re-arranging things on the shelf, but quite frankly, that the fun part! And oh my gosh, these will be so useful as extra pantry! The shelves look great I think but more than just aesthetics they hold a ton. So did I mention how much I love them?! J What do you think? Do you like them?
The shelves before loading. 
The shelves loaded up. :)


  1. I really like them! Can't wait to see them and you!!

    1. Thanks Rhonda. I love them! And they give me so much more storage.

  2. I love it!! I also love all the jars! Such a cool project! ��

    1. Thanks Lisa. most the jars I already had from Overstock.Com -They have a great selection in various sizes. They are great fun to fill.

  3. They look AWSOME ! They hold a good amount of storage too. U & Larry did great !

  4. Is that little chef guy(3rd shelf down) a salt/pepper ? It looks very similar to my two. I have a vintage set of both the salt & pepper shaker.

    1. Thanks Brenda! They do hold a ton. The little guy is not a salt or pepper holder. His hat does come off so you can fill him up though with whatever you choose. . :)
      He came as a set long ago, - but he's a lone survivor now.


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