Thursday, November 6, 2014


Wow…did I fall off the radar or what? I just looked at this and realized it has been over a month since I wrote anything! I try to do twice a week but obviously I fell far from that recently. It’s just been a very hectic season. I also think I was going in the wrong direction and trying to hard to be something I am not.
I’m more of a lifestyles blogger. Meaning I like to blog about life. EVERYTHING… DIY projects, style, my faith, family, food, and in general, just-LIFE! I do it because I love to write. And I hope someone will enjoy reading it. But I have been trying to be a DIY blogger. Not intentionally. I think I just happened to do a lot of  painting and projects, one after the other for a while and then suddenly I felt the need to keep up! And it’s been tough! I love paintbrushes, recipes, family and God. But NOT in that order. So time to readjust. That’s part of the reason I vanished. I had no projects to post so I didn't write. And I don't want to do that. I will still do a lot of them...because I do love decorating and DIY projects, but I'm not gonna go looking for them and panic when I don't have a project to post. So….I’m gonna just stop trying to be something I’m not, and write about anything and everything as the mood strikes cause that's what I love most. Writing.  J 
So…what have I been up to?...
Just livin my regular life. I went on vacation. I took a short trip back home to Ohio to see my family and friends. I miss them. L 
I had a one child move out and one move back home for a while. I facilitated a Beth Moore Bible study every Wednesday nights at my church which is ending in a week or two. (Love her!) Me and the hubs went out to dinner with some good friends several times recently. I started homeschooling! I VOTED!!!!!!  Oh and yeah, I got back on Weight Watchers. 
I don't wanna diet!!!!!!!
Recently I stepped down from being the Event Coordinator for a group of women here in Wilmington. The group was open to all women in all walks of life and had grown to around 225 women. It was a group I myself had started about 2 years ago, so it was my baby. I loved it. What a great group of women too! But lately it seemed I had lost my passion for it. It was my job to set up, host and facilitate outings for these women on a regular basis several times a month. With family, church, some family illnesses and other obligations I found myself too distracted to do it any more. So finally after 2 years I decided to step down and let someone else take over. Talk about giving up your reigns of control! This was MY baby. MY group! I had started it from 1. -I freaked! Lol..But it’s done. I did it and I’m quite sure the new coordinator will infuse it with a new passion and the group will thrive. J
So today I had a meeting with our Ladies Ministry Leader about helping out with the decorating of our new Food Pantry that’s starting up. (YAY!) We have a House of Mercy outreach for the homeless and needy in the area and this will be an extension of it. I will be helping with that.
We got to talking after finishing up our thoughts on the Food Pantry about other things. One thing led to another and I walked out of there with a few new things on my plate that I’m so excited about!  I will be the Event Organizer for a monthly Ladies Night Out!  So I will be back to coordinating events but within the church I love, so I am happy about that. And its only once a month so I am up for that. Yay! I’m so excited!
I also picked up a little side ministry for a loved one of mine (should she choose to accept) making the Welcome Baskets for visitors on Sunday mornings. They get a loaf of bread, literature etc. and a then a possible “hosting” type ministry that is up in the air for now but did give me a new fun DIY project to do soon! I’ll share that later.

For now, I am looking forward to the holidays. I love them and I love decorating and entertaining. And I am just really excited to get started on some new journeys. And even more excited that those journeys are with the Lord! J


  1. Good to read ur post. I think u have a wonderful knack for writing. I know it always makes me smile when I get to read ur blog. I think its great that u share ur life with us, not jus the DIY projects ( which I too love) but all of it. Life is full not contained into one lane. So please !!! Do keep spreading ur love. From one of ur biggest fans. <3

    1. Thanks Brenda! I enjoy writing so it's nice to know someone enjoys reading it.:) Thank you my friend!


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