Monday, September 8, 2014


Every room should have a little bit of whimsy! 

I did it! I actually free hand painted a tree on my wall! Yay me. lol....

I am so pleased at how this tree turned out! And also, so pleased it is done! It was kind of a spontaneous last minute decision. I mean I have always wanted to paint a tree on my wall, but I wasn't prepared to do so. But today it was pouring rain and I got the itch and looked around to see what paint I had on hand and voila!
I have always loved trees. I notice them along the highways, in different towns I visit and out in the country while traveling. I have several favorites. Just to name a few, there is one in my hometown that is on the north side of a back road through Geneva State Park. A big old oak that is beautiful, and sadly, I can't find any pictures of it! And then a truly magnificent one that has been a part of Airlie Gardens in Wilmington NC for over 500 years! Yes, I said 500 years!!!
Airlie Gardens

And lastly, another beautiful one in Wilmington at the Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue where they have actually built the parking lot around it.
Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue
It stands there defiantly against the encroaching concrete of the city streets.
I have wanted to do this for some time on a wall in our house but I really didn't have the confidence to do so. I took 4 years of Art but I really have never considered myself talented by any means. But I do like to draw. So I decided you never know if ya don't try. So....I did!  

Of course it is not a magnificent oak like the others, but it is kinda cool. I decided to go for a whimsical feel instead of a more literal looking tree.

I am in the process of redoing this room. It was my daughter Rachael’s room. She wanted to paint it red and grey when we first moved here. Foolishly, I said yes. Then when she grew up and moved out, I was left with the repainting. Yuck! Red is a bear. I can't even tell ya how bad that whole process was. But it involved 3 different colors, peeling paint, lots of frustration, and quite a bit of whining and crying!  L

But that's for another
Today I am just loving on my tree! I drew it free hand. I started with chalk which made it so much easier. I just kept playing with the shape and erasing till I had what I wanted. As, I said, I started out to do a regular "real" looking tree but decided I really wanted to go whimsical. This is a spare room but it is the room that the "littles" sleep in when I have them so I thought it would be more suitable.
Can ya see the chalk lines? You can see I changed the shape some
So once it was drawn and I was satisfied, I just started painting. I had leaves on it but opted to take them off and go without them. I instead added the butterflies for the kids. They are simply painted cutouts that are double taped and can be easily be removed. I’m thinking of making an owl and a few birds to sit in the tree. And then in the fall the “littles” and I can make some pumpkins out of construction paper and add them and at Christmas…we can make and add Christmas bulbs! How fun! The rooms not done yet but when it is, I’ll update ya with the horrible painting story! 

Below is the actual color of the walls in the room. I'm not sure why it appears so green in pictures. It's a color that sometimes looks a little green and sometimes blue. It's called Niagra Blue by Valspar. And it one of my new favorite's so soothing.

Niagra Blue by Valspar.

And a little more progress with the room...

I still have pictures to hang and a small rug to add and of course...curtains!!!  But what do you think? Are you ready to paint your own tree? Should I add birds? Or just a big owl? 


  1. I love it Ginger ! You really did a nice job. I like the idea of having the kids make different decorations at holiday times during the year. How fun is that ?! U could have them iron the fall leaves in the wax paper and cut them snout and maybe hang them this fall ? Or do you guys get fall leaves ? Ghosts & pumpkins, turkey's, christmas ornaments,easter eggs ... !!! Such a fun idea. Love the wall color too. That is sure a cute little yellow lamp on the table too. It may have been a pain - but the results make it worth it !!

    1. Brenda,
      Thank you so much! It was the only part of painting that I actually enjoyed. lol...
      I can't wait to add some leaves or christmas "bulbs" during the different seasons. We don't get a lot of different colors here close to the ocean but a short ways off there is some. It'll be fun and the grandkids will love it.
      The wall color is such a beautiful soft, soothing blue green. Mostly blue. The little lamp was a great find from Hobby Lobby. It was red and I loved it so much that I bought it and sprayed it yellow. :)

  2. I really like the whimsy tree! Good job. And I really like the paint color.


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