Friday, September 26, 2014


It's FALL! Yay! This is absolutely my favorite time of year. Especially living in the south. We are having beautiful sunny weather in the 70's right now. What we use to call Indian Summer up north is pretty much the normal weather here, which sometimes extends all the way into December. 
The AC (which I am not a fan of) is finally off. The windows are open and the smell of fall is everywhere. Lawn mowers buzz their last breathes of summer, breezes rustling the curtains, pumpkins all around and maple scents in my Scentsy burner. Oh my goodness I love it. 
So decorating a bit for the season is part of the fun. Surfing around the Internet for ideas, I realize it's time to change up the front door wreath and the front porch. This is how is it looks now.... 

And this is what I'm diggin on right now. These two wreaths below. Although I'll probably go a little simpler... I love love love all the bright colors on these!

                                                           source: Google images

Looks like I'll be heading to Michaels or Hobby Lobby this weekend to get some flowers! 

And just because I love this...
I spent last weekend hanging out on the North End. The Pier just down the road. The tourist season is over so it's quiet and pretty fabulous!

And maybe along with Football Sundays it's time to start thinking about crock pot meals like some yummy chili!

and I did a little updating on my kitchen wall chalkboard and I am really happy with it. It just wasn't enough space when it was one wall. So I painted the adjoining wall. I need all the extra board space since I am homeschooling the "littles" this year for the first time ever in my life. Yikes! It's hard! lol.... but fun too, and so worth it. 

I went from this....

to this....

 But this is how it actually looks on a daily basis...

So how are you starting the fall season out? What's the first thing you decorate? Got any ideas that you would like to share?


  1. Love that you added to your chalk wall! This is my favorite season I would love to have your weather then 55 degrees. That is great you are home schooling!

  2. Thanks Amber! The added chalkboard wall really helps a lot with homeschooling. This is my favorite season to decorate too! I love it.

  3. Yes indeed, just like me, well I do prefer for it, well every season at all, I like that chalkboard wall too, haven't seen some before, thanks for sharing it, I'll look forward to make some, can't wait.

    1. Correction, sorry typo.

      Yes indeed, just like me, I do prepare for it too, well every season at all. I like that chalkboard wall of yours, haven't seen some before, thanks for sharing it, I'll look forward to make some, can't wait.

    2. Thank you so much. Glad you stopped by my little blog. Let me know if you make your own chalkboard. :)


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