Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hey y’all. How ya doin on this incredibly hot and humid day? least here in southeast North Carolina it sure is. It's absolutely stifling! And guess what? Today of all days our central air takes a dump. Thankfully, the guys are here fixing it so we will have cool air shortly. They were here within a couple hours of my call, polite and got the job done as quickly as possible. Poor guys had to go work up in the attic. Yikes!
So a few things….I did baseboard trim for the first time. Yay! I added baseboard to my daughters bathroom. Unfortunately, no pictures today. I have to finish up the caulking and painting and then I will take some. I know it’s not a big deal or a hard project but it’s the first time for me and I feel like it was a big accomplishment for me. J

So my daughter and I worked on her "wall collection" too. I think she did a great job! She’s a lot more “vintagey” then I am but I love doing different styles, so it was fun helping her. She’s still not really happy with it and wants to change out a few things but its pretty so I thought I’d show ya. J 

Sorry for the poor quality pics but I didn't have my camera with me, only my phone.

And then back at my place. In my kitchen I have 1 cabinet next to my kitchen sink. Yes, one lone cabinet. The rest are on the other wall. This wall is open to the family room. I hate the one lone cabinet and it really is only used for junk.

And I mean junk! Look!!!!

So I have always loved open shelving. If I had my way I would never have upper cabinetry other than open shelving.  But let’s face it. That’s not really practical unless you have the money to buy all new dishes, glassware bowls etc that match and look pretty, and well, I don't! So I want to tear out this cabinet and put up a couple open shelves like this.

                                                                   (sources noted)

                                       This one above is my favorite! I love it so much!

(And down the road, I want subway tile behind it on the wall behind the shelf). What do you think? And then over on this wall where my beloved cow picture is...more shelves!

So I think I will be starting with the sitting area first. I’m excited! I love open shelves! Lol…so what do you think? Do you have them or like them? If not why?

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