Sunday, July 6, 2014


I think one of the most fun decorating trends of the last few years is Chalkboards. It's just plain fun. C'mon, it's like being the teacher and being able to write on the board any time you want. And talk about functional. I use mine for grocery, "to do" lists, writing favorite scriptures and welcoming greetings at parties. Oh and the most fun???
Artwork that the "littles" enjoy drawing. So much fun! I couldn't wait to make mine when they first became popular. So I did. And then I redid it again and again. I just couldn't get it right. And I will do something over and over until I get it right. I'll repaint, rearrange or redecorate something over over until I get it the way I like. Because everything in my home, from the smallest chalkboard project to a whole kitchen re-do must feel right. My "heart" must say -yes, that's it! That may sound corny but it truly is how I see my home. Everything has to come from the heart, be it a big or little project. And it's not about whether others like your decor or not. I firmly believe everything should be about how it makes you feel not whether others like it or not. Sure we want our house to be pretty and look nice but mostly I want mine to make my heart smile. Every nook and cranny. If someone else doesn't like it, that's okay- I do! 
So I change it a lot because I want to get it right but also I change it because......I'm I hate to admit it but I am hard pressed to commit when it comes to decorating. And I am impulsive. So I decide I like something and then without really thinking it through I jump on it. That's probably why all my friends make jokes about what color my kitchen is on any given day. Or why my husband tells the story of going to bed late one night and waking up in the morning to a freshly painted kitchen. I had totally repainted the whole room while he slept. In the last 6 years my kitchen has seen 7 different colors. Why? Because I like to paint? No, because -I just didn't get it right the first 6 times. And I am not afraid to admit that and do it over and over until I do. I always want my home to be a happy, warm and inviting place. A place that makes me smile. So it will continue to be a work in progress and I will change it till I get it right because I am not afraid of change. I actually kind of like it. I embrace that about myself- that I like change. Yep. Most people don't but I do. I love changing the wall color, the decor, the furnishings, the style. Sometimes, I wish I could pick a style/look and decorate and just commit to it. Like seriously leave it alone for a year or two. But....that's not me.

So my point is it's okay to change things over and over. It's okay to like something and then change your mind. It's okay to change your mind about the color, placement, design, look, or feel of a room. Who cares? Change as many times as needed till you get the look and feel you want.
I made my chalkboard on a white door first, then took it down and painted the door, then switched it across the room. Then moved it to the opposite side of the room where it is now. I think it'll stay there. I think. I'm pretty sure. :)  Now it actually feels like it's part of the room instead of just put into the room. Like it's been there forever. If that makes any sense.
..... so, here's the progression of my chalkboard. This is where we started. The plain white door with the original black board and then the painted door with updates. (You'll notice the picture and accessories are different next to it too...changes :)

Then we moved to the other side of the kitchen. (you can read about that here

And then the cow painting came along from our trip to visit my son in his new home town of Charleston SC and you read about that odd purchase here. lol...
So the once beautiful blue wall my wonderful son Joe helped me with was no more. (That was one of the many colors)... don't you love it??

But that's okay because I think it has found it's permanent home now.
Love it!

And I love it!!! I patched all the nail holes, sanded it smooth and gave it 2 coats. And I use it all he time. How about you, are you a changer like me? Or that person that gets it right the first time and commits for years? 

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