Monday, July 14, 2014


Well, just like my home which is continually going through changes and being redecorated, I thought it was time to give my little blog a re-design. So with a little tweak here and there Building Sand Castles in the Wind has a bit of a new look. I hope you like it. I do!
But on to other things...

Some time ago, I painted my kitchen cabinets and gave my kitchen a little update. (You can read about that here). But here is a picture to refresh your memory. This was the 'finished" product last fall. It's decorated a little different now but still pretty much like this..

I took the doors off above the fridge to use it more like shelving since its too awkward an area to really use for any real daily purpose. It's definitely not finished and still a work in progress, but it certainly looks much better now than it did before! And y'all tell anything really ever done? haha...

So, I know that I want to do a new back splash and counter tops to finish it off. The back splash is an easy choice, as I have no doubts what I want. Classic and timeless subway tile. But with a little twist. I want dark grout not light. I think dark looks amazing! Like this one from...  forever*
 or this one from

 or this one (source needed)

But the counters? That's a tough one for me. Although new counter tops are not in the very near future, they aren't way off in the distance either. And I am at a loss as to what I want. Unlike the back splash, when it comes to counter tops I am all over the board. I always thought I wanted granite because, well, who doesn't? Right? I mean granite kinda became the status symbol for counter tops. And although I do love them....I am doubting that choice just a little now. I also like, dare I say it? ..........Butcher block! Yes, it's been around forever but it seems to be making a come back. And I kind of like it. Take a look at these...

 the one above is very similar in color to my kitchen. light grey blue cabinetry, so it would be like this with butcher block tops and white subway tile. (although mine would be grouted dark) I also have white tile floors and stainless appliances which would brighten it too
 or this one below..

I also like others like quartz and marble. The biggest choice it comes down to is simply do I want the butcher block or not. Because my choice is definitely between the look of the butcher block and/or anything else done in a white. Because any other choice I make, whether marble, quartz or granite...those choices would definitely be white. Like this...


or this at

or these which are all from

But i think the one that won it over for me is this one below from Lisa-Marie Interiors. I just love the white against the pale blue grey cabinets and this also has the subway tile with dark grout! I'm really diggin on this one...

And this is a forever choice. And by forever I mean until we sell this house (which is still up in the air) or if we stay here, I seriously doubt they will be replaced again. So I am looking at it as a forever choice. 

One of the contributing factors is that I like the whole Cottage Farmhouse look. And butcher block fits in with that quite nicely. But, I hate don't like country at all! :) I worry that butcher block could lean in that direction. And although I love the Cottage/Farmhouse look I really also like a touch of the contemporary/traditional look. -I like clean lines and a clean look. White would definitely provide a cleaner more contemporary look. I think. Oh my gosh, I don't know. So although it's not something I plan to do tomorrow it is something I really just want to settle it in my head. Here's a little chart that you might appreciate if you are looking at different counter top options yourself.

The funny thing is as I researched different looks and alternatives for this post, a decision began to formulate in my head. It has helped me to sort out my thoughts a little more. I am definitely leaning towards the white. I think from all the pictures I have looked at it gives a much cleaner and brighter look to the spaces. Any thoughts?

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