Thursday, June 5, 2014


I like to start with a pretty picture cuz that's what shows first!  lol
Its been weeks since I wrote anything! apologies though. I am just living life so sometimes I just don't blog. Sometimes I get so busy just livin my normal life...I actually forget about blogging or facebooking or twittering this or that! Imagine that????
So what has been goin on?
Well, as far as any DIY projects? Not much. I am at a stand still on my next project. I did however finally get to some major holes in my walls that occurred when those said walls "jumped out" in front of a moving couch my husband and son were taking up the stairs. hmmm...  
I forgot and didn't even get a picture of the really bad ones. This is at the bottom of the stairs. And then another wall in living room needed done. They had so many nail holes in them (from my all of my picture hanging indecision) that I finally had to just repair them all. So I bought this little "kit"
and got started. It really is so easy that there isn't even a tutorial to do this. You can do this so easily even if you never have, in one afternoon. Just wash it down good. Apply the putty all over the smaller holes, with your fingers or the "spatula". Use the little spatula to take off the excess by scraping back and forth to flatten it out. Let it dry (it'll dry white) and then sand it down to a smooth finish. If the hole is bigger, then you need to use a wall patch which is a couple bucks from Walmart or Lowes or Home Depot. Directions come with, but you simply put the sticky patch over the hole and do the same procedure. Once it's all dry and sanded down you wipe all the dust off -then paint. 

Once I did all the walls, I then debated between painting the walls the same color when repairing them or choosing another new color. I went with the same. I was so over anxious to get it done and had the old paint still in the garage. And truth be told I love this color. A very warm tan. It goes great with white or black frames etc and with any color you choose to accent it with. I have 2 colors that are my "go to" neutrals that I love and have been using for years. Tumbleweed Tan by Benjamin Moore which is a beautiful warm light tan and then Whiskers by Porters Paints that is much lighter and although it can look tan has a bit of a light grey to it. Both are very coastal/beachy/cottagey looking. Especially against white trim. All the walls and stairs done! Voila! Nail holes all gone!

Lets see, then I volunteered to help with the gift bags for a tent revival. Yes, you heard it right - I said tent revival!!! My first ever. My daughter Jess mentioned to me that when we lived in the north (which was our whole lives) we never saw or heard of any tent revivals. But here in the south...well, tent revivals are everywhere.
My beautiful daughter Jess and her baby Addison June
And no...there were no snakes, or poisons being drank. Just some preaching and a whole lot of worship and dance music. There were some amazing young dance groups who performed. I mean they really blew me away. It really was an awesome experience. 
It was an unprecedented situation where a tent was not only allowed but encouraged to be put up on public school grounds in Dunn NC- Triton High School. A call to speak into the lives of the youth in a troubled time such as this. The pastor of Ignite Ministries Mike Thornton is an Outreach Pastor at my home church.You can listen to his incredible testimony that was on the 700 Club here. And so I volunteered to make the gift bags for the speakers and worship teams! 25 of them.

Filled with treats, water, snacks, CD's and special beautifully made personalized cards.

On a sadder note, my father in law Howard passed away. A wonderful honorable man who served our country in the U.S. Air Force and loved God with all his heart. A man who married and stayed married to his sweetheart for 63 years and raised his 3 kids (one my husband) with honor, respect and knowing God. He had a part, along with the Navy of making my husband an honorable man who loves God too. It was a while coming and although we knew it was coming it does make you sad. But we know he is dancing with Jesus so that brings us joy. You go Howard!
Then, I cleaned, pruned, cut back, planted and worked in the yard. I put all varieties of plants in my yard. I decided this year to do all my tomato plants, pepper plants etc in large pots instead of the ground. We'll see how that goes...
I went to a wedding of one of my best friends daughter- Ms. Georgia.
YAY!!! They did it. Georgia and Brandon Taylor
And I was asked to decorate the Arbor, which of course I did. And loved doing!!! And it turned out pretty good I might add. Check out that beautiful bride first then the Arbor behind her. much fun.

I lead my first Small Group for a group of ladies in our church. I taught on friendship "gal pals" using the Book of Ruth from the Old Testament and we studied the relationship of Ruth and Naomi.
I read 2 books which are both now movies that I want to see. "The Fault in Our Stars". I cried. yeah, big surprise on that and then I read "If I Stay".Yeah...I cried. Again. Went to see the movie.."Moms Night Out" It was hilarious...go see it if ya get the chance. It's not often you find a movie that is clean and funny and good solid acting!Not that B rated acting you get in some family movies.
I had the best cupcake I've ever had in my life. I swear! So good, that I don't want to go back and have another one for fear it wouldn't be as good. ;)
And I have not done a single DIY project in weeks. But did I mention my yard looks amazing???? lol...Oh...And my daughter Jess chopped my shoulder length hair off. And I love it. 
Hair chopped all off the morning of the wedding!
My hubby....No reason and nothing to do with the blog...just cuz he's so darn handsome.
I had a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. Lots of swimming in the pool with my kids and grandbabies. Went downtown and ate outside by the Cape Fear River with the hubs. Hangin at the beach with friends and family...just lots of fun stuff!
I'll get back to my DIY here soon. I was suppose to review a new Plaster Paint here at my blog for a company out of Texas and that fell through for some reason, so I am still thinking about what my next project will be.

Oh yeah...I have a garage sale coming up. Not looking forward to that work!
So that was my May...what'd you do??? 

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