Sunday, May 4, 2014


The ability to paint just about anything in your home is what makes decorating so much fun! And furniture so versatile. Paint changes the look, feel and temperature of a room. It takes an old piece of furniture and makes it new. It brings a room or a piece of furniture to life. It should make you smile. I love painted wood and I don't think for a minute that it ruins a piece.

  from black to white...first coat
Last week I spent some time painting several different items in my house. A coffee table that I wanted to incorporate into my recently re-done living room, a cute little vanity that I picked up at a neighborhood second hand store and repainted for my daughter and once again my front door. :)
So I started with the vanity and moved on to the coffee table. Once it was finished and dry I couldn't wait to carry it in. The hubs wasn't home to help and it's quite heavy and awkward. But I have so little patience (I am working on that) that I struggled to get it in myself. Evidence to that is the nick you see below that I did as I tried to get it though the front door. It's easy enough to fix so I planned to quickly sand it out and paint over it quickly but have since decided to leave it as a reminder to myself of my lack of patience. Something I sorely need to work on.

In its new home in the front living room

and then the front door got a touch up......with this beautiful color. Valspar's Shaded Lake

We went from a beautiful light turquoise which I also loved but was just a little to light for me. I wanted a deeper richer color, so I went to ....
 a beautiful deeper blue. 

First coat...

Second coat below...

It took a third and final coat.

The third coat being a pretty easy brush over. And then the wreath...with some beautiful fresh cut pink-red roses added from my garden. Yes, they will only last a day or two and I will have to get artificial ones for permanent placing but for now....I love it. :)  Up close shows the color a lot more real to life. I can't decide if I want to do the hardware in a silver or black...hmmmm.

I'll also have to show ya the little vanity later. I need to scoot and get to the garden store and I can't seem to find the "after" picture that I really wanted to share so I'll have to take another. :) 

OH.... and here is my Knock-out Rose bush that I cut my flowers from. Not a very good picture as I was on the run and used my cell phone and even though it has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post. I just wanted to share it. It is BEAUTIFUL! So I'm sharing it for no other reason than to brag on it

> smile<.
Ok, I'm done. 

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