Friday, April 11, 2014


My beautiful mom
If you will allow me just a personal moment of gratitude. My mom who lives several states away in Ohio had major back surgery this week. It was scary to think of her going through it. She wasn't alone, my sister Bev was with her. And it was a pretty anxious time for me being so far away and I spent this week worrying and praying. My prayers were answered and she is doing good. Thank you Jesus! She is up and walking. She is a fighter. She is the one
who gave me my determination and strength in life so I just wanted to say how happy I am she is doing good. My mom is an amazing woman. That's just the way it is...

So I needed to keep busy and the way I do that is by cleaning and decorating. That's just what I do. So I cleaned a LOT! lol...but I wanted to do this little quick fix too. I needed a little decorating thing to focus on and cheer me up. What I call a 5 minute fix. It's takes a bit longer than 5 minutes but it really was just a simple update of the "naughty chair" to a stool. I call it the"naughty" chair because I have used it for that purpose. Time out for the "littles" in my life. :)

So I came across this little chair at a little place here in town called "The Thrill of the Hunt". 
It doesn't really get used as a dining chair or anything like sits in the corner waiting for the littles bums to come warm it. And my cat loves to sit in it. So I just wanted to give it a little update. It was getting a little worn looking.  Once I started though I realized that the previous owner had painted the screws in the legs -MANY times over.

So I realized I had to make this chair into a stool as I was never gonna get these screws out of the legs. I tried and tried. I even enlisted the help of my hubby and even he said no way there coming out. (after informing me it wasn't the lack of his brute strength). So he pried the legs off and if he can later get the screws out I may turn the stool back into a chair. lol..
Its really easy to reupholster a stool too. Make sure you get the right fabric. My is a thick material. If you go to Joanne Fabrics or an individual fabric store I'm sure they can direct you.
I start by wrapping mine kinda like a present..

.and always pull it as tight as you can and cut out excess fabric so it lays flat and gives you clean lines.

So all ya need is fabric, scissors, a staple gun and a marker and that's about it (you want to mark the holes where the legs go). And then you end up with an adorable little stool like this...

  I'm not really sure yet but I may paint the legs grey. But I definitely realized once I put them back on that they at least need a touch up paint job. White or grey who knows but that's another day.


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