Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Wow, I am tired. Sooo tired. I haven't posted in a while. I've just had so much going on around here. So many distractions. Both good and bad. The good and bad...We spent a week with a dumpster in the drive cleaning our garage and attics out. ugh...that was a strenuous week. The good... we had some wonderful friends from Ohio come in for a visit. Our good friends Kay and Mark and their son Matty. I love these guys..and we had a lot of fun with them and some much needed quiet time with good friends. We went to see Noah's Ark...(YUCK) and Captain Phillips (LOVED) and just sat around and talked. They are friends and good people. 

Mark writes a wonderful blog about his faith.You can read my friend Mark's blog here. Simply a lovely time was had with them. 
And then the bad...we have been dealing with some illnesses in the family. Not to mention, my mom has to have surgery and it is scheduled for tomorrow and I am 4 states away- and worried. We've just had a lot going on and quite frankly writing any type of post, let alone doing a DIY project to write about hasn't been on my list of "things to do"
The bad... I am tired. Soooo tired! Because of all of this? Nooooo. 
This tired today is because of this....
and when you come to say hello...my porch looks pretty much like this..
And when I get to my car it pretty much looks like this..

Pollen overload!!! We here in North Carolina dread the "pollen" season. It last about 3+ weeks and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is covered in a yellowish green powder. Cars, porches, streets, outdoor furniture, everything. Even my dining room table because the windows are open for the breeze. I clean it every day because I can't bear to close the windows. 
But mostly it means headaches, stuffiness, sneezing, achiness, and tiredness, and fatigue. YUCK! I usually push through when I am not feeling great. Sometimes I push through too hard and regret it. So I am taking a few days off from any projects or even house cleaning for that matter. Today I watched TV. All day. I am still watching TV. And I still feel yucky. Uggghhh....

And I am busy worrying and praying...for family members. Worrying because I have a tendency under stress to forget that Jesus is in control and will give me peace when I seek Him for it. And praying for health and well being and a complete and speedy recovery because I also know that I can trust Him for that. So I'll throw that out to you and ask y'all to please join me if you have a mind too and pray for health and healing for my family. :)
For now, I am going back to my couch with my buddies...

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