Sunday, March 23, 2014


Oh my gosh - I am exhausted!!! This has been one of the busiest and most brutal weekends my body has faced in a while! lol... So let me tell ya how I spent my weekend. We rented a dumpster to clean out the garage and the attic. I never would have believed we could have so much junk! I guess years upon years of accumulation finally added up to a near explosion in our garage. We have our own junk and then all our kids have their junk. And then they moved out and moved back with more junk and so on and so on...
Everyone says it's not there stuff of course, until I say it's going in the dumpster -then it's a different story! So it was time to rent a huge container to haul it away. I rented from Pink Trash Ladies...Coastal Cart. I'll let ya know when they come to pick it up if I get hit with any other charges, but they were by far the best deal I found. So we spent the whole weekend cleaning the garage and the "attic" upstairs. Technically not an attic, but I live in the south so we have a room called the "Frog". Yes, it's really called that. Even by the Real Estate world down here It stands for "finished room over the garage". Cute huh? It's a huge room with two "closets" in it. Each of which measures about 8x10. They can't really be used as closets because they come off the dormers and the ceiling is to low to stand completely upright and the door to enter is only about 4 ft high. They also have no insulation and no heating, cooling or drywall for that matter. Like an attic. But let me tell you, they hold an amazing amount of junk! Thankfully after this weekend one is completely empty and the only thing in the other is our Christmas decorations. And the dumpster is full. Yay!!! The garage is clean too. Although to some it wouldn't look like it since I have a ton of storage bins and stuff all piled high for a garage sale I am gonna have.
So the weekend was brutal when it came to the work load. Geez, I haven't physically worked that hard in a long time! But it's 80% done. The rest of the week we'll continue to add to the dumpster as I clean out the rest of the closets and cubbies in the house. This is Spring cleaning to the max! And I love to purge stuff.
I did find the time just before the dumpster arrived to repaint a few little items I've been needing too. Just little ones -but they were painted none the less.
This is a little footstool I have that the "littles" in my life like to use. To push up to the coffee table and eat in front of the TV. They think that's a big deal. It was white and I thought I'd touch it up a bit with some greys I have which go better with the kitchen cabinet colors. I added a little stripe for fun. 

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 And this other little table is a side table I use for a night stand in my guest room. It has been sitting around waiting to be painted for...oh... about 20 years so I finally got to it. Painted it and gave it a little distressing. It looks so cute in the kitchen but must go back to the guest room where it is needed.
Oh and guess what I got in the mail? Well, not in the mail but on the front porch from UPS!!!! ... an early Birthday present!!! (way early, like almost a month) A new set of dishware I have been eyeing. It's called Scrolls from Neimann Marcus and I absolutely love them. They are white which is my favorite color to decorate with. Yes it's a color! It's my favorite! And they are cottagey. Yes that's a word! ;)   
My mom bought me a set of china for Christmas about 20 years ago and other than that I can't remember the last time I had an actual complete set of dinnerware! So I am thrilled....Aren't they fabulous????????? lol... 

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