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Yes, its true, I have a love/hate relationship with leather. I hate it for its stuffiness, dark and formal feel. I love it for its beauty, comfort and durability. I just purchased a small new leather love seat to replace my fabric couch in the formal living room. And please understand.... that it really isn't a "formal" living room at all but since we have a family room open off the kitchen that is what they call it. But, believe me, there's nothing formal about it. Or any other part of my house for that matter.

So, why do I hate leather? Well, as I said, because it is dark and formal and seems stuffy at times. Did I mention it also seems reserved and heavy. And it is almost always expensive and never as stylish as I like. It is not light and airy and coastal feeling. I always feel the need to decorate with reds, greens and golds with it. So then, why do I love it? Because even though it is all of can be so beautiful....

Leather furniture looked lovely in my home up north. It sat on beautiful Birch hardwood floors next to the fireplace overlooking the snow.....sigh....but it doesn't sit as well with me living here in the south by the beach with white ceramic tile floors. While both hardwoods and a fireplace can be found in our family room, neither is in the living room. And beautiful snowfalls are far and few between here in North Carolina. No, this room has what I call "Floridian" 18" white ceramic tile flooring (YECH) and no fireplace. (although I will be addressing the that issue too)

Now, why do I love leather? Because it is comfy! And soooooooo inviting. It makes me want to climb into it and cuddle up. It's also very pet and child friendly. Cleans up so easily. Little spills, sick kids, clumsy adults... and dog hair just brushes off! (And truth be told, it evokes fond memories of my home up north. :)

So here I am, stuck.  I am tied to leather. It is pet friendly and child friendly. Both of those run rampant in my house. Oh I know their are those that have both pets and little ones running around and manage to keep a beautiful house with white couches and... blah blah And I try, I really do. And I actually do a pretty good job of it. But as I get older, I'd like to make it easier on myself too, with less stress. I at least every other day. I mop floors just as much. I clean a LOT. I pick up, run after, sweep, dust and keep tabs on them but I also have to let life happen in my home. So leather works. Especially with dogs. I have 3. So even if I were to manage to keep them off the furniture whilst I was home, I am sure the party goes on when I am out of the house. I am sure that when I leave, those dogs party all night long rubbing all over my couch and jumping and licking things I don't want to imagine or think about. And just the rubbing up against the couch, passing by it...geez... Leather makes it easier. So that said -I am stuck with it. So, now my dilemma is not the leather itself but how to make it light and airy. This is the look I would have sans doggies....(which I can't even imaging a life without them)
did I  say gorgeous????  (source Pottery Barn)
...... GORGEOUS HUH? Light, airy, beautiful. But is not to be. So....let the games begin. I am starting over in my "formal" living room. Here are a few ideas I am thinking about.
the couch looks like this.....not my first choice in style, but did mention how expensive leather can be??? So I tend to have choose by price...
Wonderful little love seat from Amazon
Sisal rug such as this to give it a more earthy and lighter tone and yet hide any possible dog paws...
Adding back in an old electric fireplace I have from Home Depot, and painting it white like this....
Home Depot Fireplace
maybe new curtains...? 

hmmmm....These are beautiful but they are Kendra Trellis drapes from Pottery Barn that sell for about $100 per panel. Yeah -you heard me. So I will need to find material like it and make my own or find some knock offs that are just as pretty. (Feel free to let me know if you know of any) so that I can turn this room of chaos....

into this room.................
ADD SOME DRAPES AND I'M ALL ABOUT THIS....That I will fall in love with!!!
Source: Pottery Barn                                                     

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