Saturday, January 25, 2014


Ok, in a matter of just 3 days I've gone from over the top madly in love with my new 100% Jute rug to so very disappointed and sad in the fact that I have to return it. :( 
I mean, I truly can't tell you how much I love this rug! LOVE!!!
But 3 days in and this is what it looks like... It is coming apart in about 4 different spots. The weave is actually coming apart and big, and I mean huge loops are sticking up! And they are not end pieces they are actual loops so you can not cut them. I could pull them back through the underneath but at this rate I'd be doing it constantly. I am just really sad about this. It IS a beautiful rug. 
I have dogs, kids, grandkids, and a hubby. So what to blame it on? The dogs nails? Grandkids playing? Shoes? Who knows? I haven't seen anyone "catch" on it so I really can't say. And since I saw the first one I have been on a vigilant "eyes wide open" rampage trying to figure out how it's happening. But not luck. 
Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful return policy of where I bought it online... I can return it. Sadly. Did I mention how sad I am????? And now I have to start all over and search for another rug to fall in love with....

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