Thursday, January 23, 2014


So my new rug has arrived. I bought it online and received it in just 3 days! I love the site and order almost everything from this store. As I mentioned in a previous post I am doing a very small budget friendly "redo" of my living room. I am still working on my family room so I don't want to spend a lot of time or money in this room right now but it definitely needed a minor face lift. I called it a "re set" in my previous post, but I guess that's wrong. In a 'reset' you would normally empty out your room and get a clearer picture of what you have. Take an entirely new look at your space. And then mostly using things you already have in the room or from other rooms, change it up. Mix it up. Rearrange and move things in and out of the room for a new fresh look. 
While I am indeed doing that, I am also buying a few new items and I am going to add an old fireplace I have sitting in the garage collecting dust. And possibly a faux surround for it. So I am doing a bit more than just looking at it differently and moving things around. 
I bought this new rug and a new love seat. As I said the rug was from (?)(edit:I have decided to remove the name of the company so as not to give them a bad rap. They are a wonderful online company and have a great return policy so I want to honor themand I got a great price on it with a coupon code and shipping was only $2.95! The love seat was also very inexpensive ...(cheap). The room needed it badly. At this point the room, which used to be my favorite spot, has become a room filled with mismatched items, (thrown in until I find a place for them or get rid of them) and an over sized couch. And it needed some love because it has become a "walk though" room. You don't sit and stay, it doesn't draw you in or feel welcoming. So....
I am still waiting on the love seat to be delivered. From a different seller. I wish it had been from the same one because I have had nothing but problems with the delivery from this other dealer. We shall see.
But the rug is here!! It is 100% Jute. And it is extremely thick and comfy under your feet and yet very pliable to bend and pick it up to vacuum under. I just LOVE it and now I am getting very excited to get moving on the rest of the room. 
Don't mind the junk in the room that's all being painted or moved about. The coffee table is my next project. The way this picture is taken the rug looks much smaller than it is. It's really quite large. And its beautiful! I'll keep ya updated!!!!!!!!!!   (See the sad update here)!
The rug is very thick and is light tan, brown and flecked with grey. :)

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