Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sadness and loss...again.

So I have been trying to keep this blog a little lighter than I use to. But this has been a tough week to do that. Impossible to do so this week. Back home in my home town tragedy has struck-again. Y'all know if you've read my previous blogs that my daughter Jessica's best friend, sweet Betheny Mehall and her boyfriend Cord Cox were both shot and killed a year ago this February. As if the remembrance of that isn't painful enough....well, shockingly its gotten worse. The Cox family, Cord's parents, lost their other son -Cord's younger brother Nick this past week in an auto accident! I can not even imagine such heartache as losing your son and his girlfriend and 1 year later, just days after the anniversary of that to loose your other son!  Both of them young men in their 20's. To young to die. Nothing seems fair and nothing makes sense.

And now the shooting and subsequent death of the young students in Chardon. Just 20 minutes down the road from my home town. Another tragedy and loss of life. Families dealing with such a profound loss. My heart goes out for them all. Including the family of the shooter. As in the situation with the first shooting of Beth and Cord, likewise in the Chardon tragedy. The family of the young man who made the decision to take some one else's life has to live with their sons actions too. Gosh, so much pain and loss for everyone. I pray peace and comfort for them all.

 I am a Christian and as such, I can only feel and experience this from my own perspective. I hope they knew God. Not because it will make it easier and in no way do I mean that these tragedies wouldn't have happened if they did. Only so that they could feel His comfort in the midst of this. That they may feel his love. So they may know His heart breaks for them too. My heart so aches for them. There is nothing that can change this situation. I can do nothing for these families to relieve their pain. But I can pray. And I will...continually for them all.  

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