Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feels like Home

Random thoughts on life and love ...playing in the sand...and thoughts of faith...these are just some of the things I would like to share on this blog. Several years ago I left my hometown in Northeast Ohio, after living there for most of my life. I moved across the country. I came here to North Carolina. To the ocean. To the piers, the sand, the dolphins playing, sharks gliding through the waters, pelicans begging for fish, seagulls stealing my bait, morning coffee by the water. And I have loved every minute of it. When I cross the bridge to the island...
I look to both sides and I see the ocean to one side and the beautiful river to the other. I know in that moment that
I belong here. It was a long journey but I am home. And this is where God has brought me. And for a season, this is where he wants me to stay.
This is where He talks to me....
Since I have come here I have found a different God. Not the judgmental God of my youth. Not the harsh unloving one I had known. But a bigger God, A loving God who makes me feel valued and loved. A God who forgives. A God who still heals, moves, breathes, creates and forgives. And one who is not quiet but who still talks to His people. Why did I ever doubt that? Because I was taught to. I was indirectly led to believe that God no longer speaks to His people. That those days were gone. And sadly, I believed it. I worshipped a silent God.
I can't pinpoint the moment He spoke to me. But He did. It was soft and sweet. And it came to me in love. He told me He held no record of my wrongs. It was plain as day. A soft quiet whisper in my thoughts that I knew were not mine, but His. And then it began. Regular conversations with God. Not audible. But still small whispers to me. That He loves me. That I am forgiven. That I belong to Him. That I am His daughter. He continues to speak to me. Sometimes I hear very clearly what He says. Other times its harder. And I realize that in those times, I have not been talking to Him either.That I sometimes ignore Him. I get busy and His voice gets quiet. But when I focus and when I listen....He speaks. He never stopped. We just stopped listening. But when you listen, it is so sweet. He is a loving God who longs to speak to you too.

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