Thursday, April 17, 2014


While y'all may come here simply for a little DIY or decorating tidbits...I have to share a more personal side sometimes. I hope ya don't mind, but if you do...sorry but...It is my blog! hahahaha...

I am posting this video because not only do I think this song is beautiful, but we are entering into one of the holiest of weekends for a Christian believer. Of which I am. Tomorrow is Good Friday. The day that the Lord Jesus was crucified for the sins of the world. The words to this song that you all are probably very familiar with (Hallelujah) were rewritten for the Easter holiday by Kelley Mooney. Please take a minute to listen... it's pretty amazing! Tomorrow is a solemn day for believers. But also a joyful one, because without the death there could be no Resurrection Day on Sunday. So have a wonderful weekend- HE lives! Shalom!

                              Hallelujah -(Kelly Mooney version)

Friday, April 11, 2014


My beautiful mom
If you will allow me just a personal moment of gratitude. My mom who lives several states away in Ohio had major back surgery this week. It was scary to think of her going through it. She wasn't alone, my sister Bev was with her. And it was a pretty anxious time for me being so far away and I spent this week worrying and praying. My prayers were answered and she is doing good. Thank you Jesus! She is up and walking. She is a fighter. She is the one who gave me my determination and strength in life so I just wanted to say how happy I am she is doing good. My mom is an amazing woman. That's just the way it is...

So I needed to keep busy and the way I do that is by cleaning and decorating. That's just what I do. So I cleaned a LOT! lol...but I wanted to do this little quick fix too. I needed a little decorating thing to focus on and cheer me up. What I call a 5 minute fix. It's takes a bit longer than 5 minutes but it really was just a simple update of the "naughty chair" to a stool. I call it the"naughty" chair because I have used it for that purpose. Time out for the "littles" in my life. :)

So I came across this little chair at a little place here in town called "The Thrill of the Hunt". 
It doesn't really get used as a dining chair or anything like sits in the corner waiting for the littles bums to come warm it. And my cat loves to sit in it. So I just wanted to give it a little update. It was getting a little worn looking.  Once I started though I realized that the previous owner had painted the screws in the legs -MANY times over.

So I realized I had to make this chair into a stool as I was never gonna get these screws out of the legs. I tried and tried. I even enlisted the help of my hubby and even he said no way there coming out. (after informing me it wasn't the lack of his brute strength). So he pried the legs off and if he can later get the screws out I may turn the stool back into a chair. lol..
Its really easy to reupholster a stool too. Make sure you get the right fabric. My is a thick material. If you go to Joanne Fabrics or an individual fabric store I'm sure they can direct you.
I start by wrapping mine kinda like a present..

.and always pull it as tight as you can and cut out excess fabric so it lays flat and gives you clean lines.

So all ya need is fabric, scissors, a staple gun and a marker and that's about it (you want to mark the holes where the legs go). And then you end up with an adorable little stool like this...

  I'm not really sure yet but I may paint the legs grey. But I definitely realized once I put them back on that they at least need a touch up paint job. White or grey who knows but that's another day.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Wow, I am tired. Sooo tired. I haven't posted in a while. I've just had so much going on around here. So many distractions. Both good and bad. The good and bad...We spent a week with a dumpster in the drive cleaning our garage and attics out. ugh...that was a strenuous week. The good... we had some wonderful friends from Ohio come in for a visit. Our good friends Kay and Mark and their son Matty. I love these guys..and we had a lot of fun with them and some much needed quiet time with good friends. We went to see Noah's Ark...(YUCK) and Captain Phillips (LOVED) and just sat around and talked. They are friends and good people. 
Mark writes a wonderful blog about his faith.You can read my friend Mark's blog here. Simply a lovely time was had with them. 
And then the bad...we have been dealing with some illnesses in the family. Not to mention, my mom has to have surgery and it is scheduled for tomorrow and I am 4 states away- and worried. We've just had a lot going on and quite frankly writing any type of post, let alone doing a DIY project to write about hasn't been on my list of "things to do"
The bad... I am tired. Soooo tired! Because of all of this? Nooooo. 
This tired today is because of this....
and when you come to say porch looks pretty much like this..
And when I get to my car it pretty much looks like this..

Pollen overload!!! We here in North Carolina dread the "pollen" season. It last about 3+ weeks and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is covered in a yellowish green powder. Cars, porches, streets, outdoor furniture, everything. Even my dining room table because the windows are open for the breeze. I clean it every day because I can't bear to close the windows. 
But mostly it means headaches, stuffiness, sneezing, achiness, and tiredness, and fatigue. YUCK! I usually push through when I am not feeling great. Sometimes I push through too hard and regret it. So I am taking a few days off from any projects or even house cleaning for that matter. Today I watched TV. All day. I am still watching TV. And I still feel yucky. Uggghhh....

And I am busy worrying and praying...for family members. Worrying because I have a tendency under stress to forget that Jesus is in control and will give me peace when I seek Him for it. And praying for health and well being and a complete and speedy recovery because I also know that I can trust Him for that. So I'll throw that out to you and ask y'all to please join me if you have a mind too and pray for health and healing for my family. :)
For now, I am going back to my couch with my buddies...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I've been working on my living room for a while now. Its forever changing. I posted the finished room picture here. But alas, it's changed again. And it's still not really done. I've changed the curtains from my beloved Pier 1 Citron flowered ones (which I will not part with and will use again) here to some beautifully delicate lacy white ones which I equally love. I can't wait to have the windows open and see them waving in the breezes...
I took down all my shelves that I just bought and had my hubby put up...
They just seemed a little to busy on both sides...
And then once I took them down I decided to put a few back up.
Yes I can be fickle, but it takes me seeing something to know whether it works for me.
I painted the wall clock from this aqua to white and moved it to the other wall.

I changed out the coffee table I recently painted and didn't really like nor was it my style to an older coffee table I made a couple years ago. It's still not the "one" and I think I want to still want to make another one, but it works for now.

And I painted this corner hutch white from it's original aqua and went from this ......

to this..................
I love white.

 People say white isn't a "color" but it sure is to me. I use white all through my house. It's clean and fresh and brightens up any room you have. And so easy to clean or bleach!

Here's my question for y'all though. Please give me some feed back because I am at a loss. This is the wall I can not seem to bring into the rest of the room. (The picture frame there now is just thrown up there to get an idea).

I love picture walls like this,
Isn't that cool???? I found that idea here....

and I like this
that I found at 
(a great blog I follow) or this one which I have seen a zillion times online and love it so much!! And since it's traveled the web so much I am just giving credit to the last source I saw it posted at but I think it was just Pottery Barn originally...

 and this is not my style but I saw it and thought I had to share cuz it's just so FUN!
Isn't this a blast? And so creative!

But since there is a fireplace on the opposite wall along with some shelves should I go simple like this?

or this.... I do LOVE mirrors. They reflect so much light and brighten the place up so much. Yep, clocks and mirrors.
 I am willing to move the white corner hutch out and find a new home for it or incorporate it. Family pictures next to it? One big picture or a huge mirror? Wall words on a sign? C'mon folks...I covet  your comments!  Yeah, in the scope of life it doesn't mean much but 
I am at a loss and I get obsessed with details. Your thoughts???

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Oh my gosh - I am exhausted!!! This has been one of the busiest and most brutal weekends my body has faced in a while! lol... So let me tell ya how I spent my weekend. We rented a dumpster to clean out the garage and the attic. I never would have believed we could have so much junk! I guess years upon years of accumulation finally added up to a near explosion in our garage. We have our own junk and then all our kids have their junk. And then they moved out and moved back with more junk and so on and so on...
Everyone says it's not there stuff of course, until I say it's going in the dumpster -then it's a different story! So it was time to rent a huge container to haul it away. I rented from Pink Trash Ladies...Coastal Cart. I'll let ya know when they come to pick it up if I get hit with any other charges, but they were by far the best deal I found. So we spent the whole weekend cleaning the garage and the "attic" upstairs. Technically not an attic, but I live in the south so we have a room called the "Frog". Yes, it's really called that. Even by the Real Estate world down here It stands for "finished room over the garage". Cute huh? It's a huge room with two "closets" in it. Each of which measures about 8x10. They can't really be used as closets because they come off the dormers and the ceiling is to low to stand completely upright and the door to enter is only about 4 ft high. They also have no insulation and no heating, cooling or drywall for that matter. Like an attic. But let me tell you, they hold an amazing amount of junk! Thankfully after this weekend one is completely empty and the only thing in the other is our Christmas decorations. And the dumpster is full. Yay!!! The garage is clean too. Although to some it wouldn't look like it since I have a ton of storage bins and stuff all piled high for a garage sale I am gonna have.
So the weekend was brutal when it came to the work load. Geez, I haven't physically worked that hard in a long time! But it's 80% done. The rest of the week we'll continue to add to the dumpster as I clean out the rest of the closets and cubbies in the house. This is Spring cleaning to the max! And I love to purge stuff.
I did find the time just before the dumpster arrived to repaint a few little items I've been needing too. Just little ones -but they were painted none the less.
This is a little footstool I have that the "littles" in my life like to use. To push up to the coffee table and eat in front of the TV. They think that's a big deal. It was white and I thought I'd touch it up a bit with some greys I have which go better with the kitchen cabinet colors. I added a little stripe for fun. 

Add caption
 And this other little table is a side table I use for a night stand in my guest room. It has been sitting around waiting to be painted for...oh... about 20 years so I finally got to it. Painted it and gave it a little distressing. It looks so cute in the kitchen but must go back to the guest room where it is needed.
Oh and guess what I got in the mail? Well, not in the mail but on the front porch from UPS!!!! ... an early Birthday present!!! (way early, like almost a month) A new set of dishware I have been eyeing. It's called Scrolls from Neimann Marcus and I absolutely love them. They are white which is my favorite color to decorate with. Yes it's a color! It's my favorite! And they are cottagey. Yes that's a word! ;)   
My mom bought me a set of china for Christmas about 20 years ago and other than that I can't remember the last time I had an actual complete set of dinnerware! So I am thrilled....Aren't they fabulous????????? lol... 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Now I'm not trying to tell y'all how to clean or anything like that, I am just sharing how I do the whole "nooks and crannies" thing at my house. I found a good way and it works well for me so I thought I'd share.
Every 3 or 4 months I have what I call a "nooks and crannies" day. It's a day that I grab a bucket filled with lilac smelling pinesol, Windex, paper towels and a clean rag.
I start at my front door (my house circles around) and begin with the entry and go to the right to the LR, dining room, kitchen around to the family room and back to the entry and the guest powder room and stairs. And I clean all the nooks and crannies along the way. I look at all the corners, light switches, plugs, window sills, baseboard etc and start wiping down.
All the trim in my house is done in white. I purposely painted all the trim in my house same semi gloss white so I can touch it up easily (that's part of my every 6 month cleaning day) and it washes easily. So I start. Wiping down, and wiping and wiping and wiping.... It takes me several hours to get through this, and that's just the downstairs. Even longer when I get sidetracked cleaning something else I come across -but its definitely worth it. And when I say several, I mean several. I spent all day yesterday. I cleaned all my baseboard, all the chair rail, window sills, light switches, washed down the doors, kitchen cabinets, and all the corners.
But once I am done the house smells so fresh and looks so clean. Honestly this is something everyone should do every couple months. It is so worth it, it really is. No one will ever come into your house and notice how clean your baseboards are or how clean the corner on your walls are or anything like that. But if they are dirty... believe me, people will notice.
My day was yesterday! I sprayed the baseboard in about 6 foot increments with the Windex and then take the wet rag and swipe along and keep going. No scrubbing to it at all. It really moves along fast and at least for me, I have found that Windex works the best. I scoot along the floor so I don't have to keep getting up and down (that's hard on the back). I hit any chair or table legs I come across too. I can literally get through a room in minutes and the baseboard looks amazing. (And they were really bad this time- don't judge!) and then I stand and go to the chair rail, light switches and anything at eye level including picture frames. I move very quickly because most of this isn't about dirt, it's about the accumulation of dust so it wipes easily. When I am done with the room I start looking for the "doggie" corners. I have 3 dogs that when traveling through the house they round the doorways and corners and brush against them and leave behind dirt. So I give a quick spray of the Windex and with the wet rag hit those too, and they're gone in seconds. Not to mention all the little fingerprints along the doorways.

This really sounds pretty time consuming but like I said it's a couple hours every couple months and it makes a HUGE difference. I do some of it, like corners on a regular weekly basis. ( 3 dogs doesn't really allow me to go months with that one) but baseboards done quarterly works. Yesterday I got sidetracked on several things though. One was my dining room Chandelier. It needed a thorough cleaning and that took some time. But it sure looked great when it was done! Then I also decided to wipe down all my kitchen cabinets. They were just painted about 6 months ago so I am trying to keep up on them because they look beautiful and I want to keep them that way.  
But they have a lot of nooks and

So that's how I spent my day...what about you?

Saturday, March 8, 2014


The Blissful Bee Blogspot
Well this week was a bust. I had it in my head all week that this was the weekend I was building my brand new beautiful Factory Cart coffee table for the living room. I have the coffee table in there that I "checker boarded" and I'm using but it just doesn't work with the room. It isn't my style and quite frankly...I just don't like it. So I have been surfing the net for the last 2 weeks trying to figure out exactly what I wanted and I found it in this coffee table that you can find from such places as Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. Well if you check it out you will see that it can retail for over $1000.00! How ridiculous is that? (Sorry Pottery Barn and RH, I am sure it is beautiful and worth it -just way outside of my budget!) So after checking out EBay, Amazon and a bunch of other sites, the cheapest one I found was still almost $300.00.
So, I started "blog shopping" for all the knock plans and decided it looked pretty simple to make my own. Well, after much discouragement  input from my husband (who just wanted to buy it for me) I convinced him I could make it.
So here I sit, Saturday morning, coffee in hand, enjoying my new coffee table. NOT!!!! Nor is it even in the works. After running around all afternoon yesterday looking for the caster wheels that no one carried -I was thoroughly discouraged. Oh a few places carried some but not the spindled kind I wanted like these. I found them online and they turned out to be soooo expensive. Then I checked out the wood at Home Depot and spent another frustrating amount of time trying to decide if I wanted to use whitewood, poplar or pine...I was thoroughly frustrated! I guess I need a better plan. So I am about to start my search on eBay for the wheels to see if I can find them cheaper than $53.00 a piece! Problem is the shipping. Even when you find them cheap the shipping is high due to the weight. Geez....
So my second choice is a Pallet coffee table like this....

This would be a cheaper alternative and much easier to make but I am not 100% sold on it. I like the industrial, kind of modern cottage/farmhouse look. So I could maybe do the pallet but add some hardware to it to "industrialize" it a bit more.
So what did I get done this week? Well, not much. It's been a rainy cold week. The kind of days you just want to curl up on the couch and watch TV. I did a little rearranging of things. I moved the big clock from above the fireplace back into my dining room. As much as I loved it above the fireplace it was kind of crowded into the mantle surround. I replaced it with another smaller clock I have that is not one of my favorites but it's good for now. I did a little touch up painting on the fireplace too.
And at the risk of looking like a fickle indecisive crazy lady...dare I say....I took down my brand new shelves I just had the mister hang for me. Yes,  we just bought 6 little shelves (not cheap) for the living room. We spent last Saturday afternoon with the level, ruler, hammer and nails bickering  spending time together hanging them. I thought I wanted them! Once up- not so much! I decorated them and re-decorated them, and then ....I re-decorated again! But I couldn't seem to get them right and I realized, I just didn't like them. So down they came. (Wall repair to be done later)
So now I need artwork. I have lots of artwork but none of my stash really works here for me. I'm not certain what I want but here's a picture with some temporary artwork and I really like it so much better than the shelves. (They'll find a home somewhere else). 
without shelves- imagine it with a new factory cart coffee table!!!
 remember the before? with the shelves...
the shelves really just seemed to crowd the space. 

 and I brought in a sofa table for behind the love seat. This is a small room but I am a believer that a small room can still live large! I didn't want this to be a room you walk through to get to the dining room. I wanted it to be defined with it's own borders. Some would disagree and say since it's small I shouldn't 'block" it off but I decorate for me. And I love it! It feels more like a cozy room you walk into purposefully instead of walk through. 

And then I moved this piece down into the living room too. It too is temporary.
I really think I want a bench and a big mirror on this wall. I decided to try this in the room for now. Lesson to be learned here though, never ever ever decide to lug a big heavy awkward piece of furniture down the stairs by yourself. Learn patience and wait for help. Because halfway down the stairs as you balance this awkward piece you will realize just how insane of a person you are.

I also found these adorable little 6 inch Ironstone plates. 5 of them for $5.99. I love them. So I hung 1 in the kitchen to see how it looked on the wall. They are Vintage Liberty Blue Staffordshire Ironstone. 
I went with my daughter to a local "estate" sales warehouse after purchasing these and found a ton more. When I asked the woman about the price she said $10.00 a piece! I of course felt the need to tell her nicely how ludicrous that price was. She reciprocated by refusing to sell me the pallet by the back door that I wanted. Really? So I go home and as I am relating my story to the mister and ranting about the ridiculous  sharing with him about the prices of the plates. The injustice of it all! One of my dogs had curled up to lay behind my feet as I griped  shared my story. I stepped back, lost my footing and threw my hand up to the wall to catch myself. Guess what I caught my hand on and watched drop to the floor and shatter? Yes, I now have 4 not 5 Ironstone plates. 
And lastly I found this little wire basket -you can find one at Pottery Barn for $69.00. I found this one at a local resale store and offered the guy $5 and he said yes. Score!
So that was my week. I'm off today to go pick up a birthday gift for little Miss Addy who turns 3 tomorrow and maybe I will find a more positive DIY challenge for this upcoming week. Have a wonderful weekend!